Hi! This is the anime and manga site of a-ka-neArt!  Settle in with some coffee or tea, and take a look around!

I focus on original anime and manga artwork and stories.  Feel free to check out my gallery or shopMy coloring process is usually on Twitch.  I speed up and post the timelapses on YouTube as soon as the work is complete. 

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Much of my artwork is for a few story projects.  My ultimate goal in life is for these to become an anime show or film series someday!  However, I do create original works from time to time.

My journey into anime started in the late 90s.  I feel that a lot of my character style stems from what the States was seeing at that time.  Since then I find my style evolving with growing tastes and available tools.

Until mental projection becomes reality I use traditional and digital media.  My traditional tools are pencil and paper, charcoal, watercolor, and markers.  On the digital side I have my trusty scanner of many years, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop, and a Ugee tablet monitor.  Some of my other work  is also from Paint Tool Sai and MediBang.

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