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Hi! You have reached the anime art website for a-ka-neArt!  I focus on original anime and manga artwork and stories.  Feel free to check out my gallery or shop!  I also do commissions and I like to stream my coloring process.  I also upload the timelapses on YouTube later.

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Much of my artwork is being used for a few story projects.  I would love to see these made into an anime show or film set someday!

My journey into anime started in the late 90s to early 00s.  Digipaint was first making its way into general productions, but the bulk were still hand painted.  I feel that a lot of my character style stems from what the States was seeing at that time.  Since then I find my style evolving with growing tastes and available tools.

My main tools of the trade are good old fashioned pencil and paper, my trusty scanner of eleven years, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop, and a Ugee video tablet.  Some of my other work has also been completed in Paint Tool Sai and MediBang.