Hi! This is the anime and manga site of a-ka-neArt!  Settle in with some coffee or tea, and take a look around!

I focus on original anime and manga artwork and stories.  Feel free to check out my gallery or shopMy coloring process is usually on Twitch.  I speed up and post the timelapses on YouTube as soon as the work is complete. 

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Much of my artwork is for a few story projects.  My ultimate goal in life is for these to become an anime show or film series someday!  However, I do create original works from time to time.

My journey into anime started in the late 90s.  I feel that a lot of my character style stems from what the States was seeing at that time.  Since then I find my style evolving with growing tastes and available tools.

Until mental projection becomes reality I use traditional and digital media.  My traditional tools are pencil and paper, charcoal, watercolor, and markers.  On the digital side I have my trusty scanner of many years, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop, and a Ugee tablet monitor.  Some of my other work  is also from Paint Tool Sai and MediBang.

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Concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

I am currently healthy and can send out all in-stock prints. Printful, one of my print on demand providers, has to limit or close production at their Los Angeles, CA facility on March 20th. The only products that may be affected are towels, tanks, and the drawstring bags. For more information please refer to this page.

While I should see no delays in fulfillment on my end, the USPS has recently announced delays.  Some shipping services may be slower.  I have also heard that some countries are no longer accepting international parcels.  If you are in one of the affected countries I will offer a refund or a hold until conditions improve.

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