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A Retrospective- Camera Edition

I’ll be working on this gradually, it’s something I really want to look at…

It’s now 2010 and I want to celebrate the new decade by trying to look back as much as I can for the 18-some years of my life I have remembrance of. I felt it really strongly when I edited the description of one of my homework assignments and I was talking about my first camera. I was 10 when I got it, and back then no one even knew there was a digital in the works. We used film, and I used up an entire roll within the first afternoon that I had it, though I loaded it improperly the first time and some didn’t come out, and other times I would forget to get them developed. This was 1998. I think close to that time, but really it was about 2000/2001 that there was a camera that could “let you pick and choose what images you wanted to keep and which to get rid of”. I think that was 6th grade, therefore 2001. I remember for odd reasons since I was at Camp Ledgewood, Ohio Girl Scouts’ camp, and someone mentioned it when I was going crazy with my camera like I still tend to do a lot when I travel and I remember it.

I didn’t get my first digital camera until 2008, when I needed something for a photography class at Kent I never got to do. I have to take it at Ohio State, and I can’t wait! I have the model info for my old camera somewhere, and I think it was a Samsung. I actually still have the thing for some odd reason. I dropped it when I was at Buckeye Girls’ State at Ashland University in 2006. The battery door broke and since then the film winder thing hasn’t been the same. I couldn’t take as many photos as I used to, and was stuck with those horrible one-times for a while, including my very first con at Ohayocon 2008. I can’t wait since I have my digital this go-round. Anyways, my first camera has duct-tape holding the battery thing in place, though it still hardly worked and there’s Sharpie doodling all over it. For a small, cheap film camera, it was pretty good with outdoors ones. I should scan some examples sometime.

My digital took a few plunges when I was at Anime North 2008, but it’s still doing alright… for the most part. Sometimes it likes to turn off automatically and makes it hard to do basic functions unless I hold it a certain way.

There was a COSI (an interactive science museum in Columbus) the other week and I remembered I went for Girl Scouts at 10 or 11 years old. I’m trying to remember if I had my camera by then. I think I also threw most of the pictures out (what was I thinking?!) because the lighting in some were so terrible! I almost went back, but I felt that crowd would be enormous and I wouldn’t enjoy myself as much. I’m not sure what admission is so I’ll go look it up quick. It’s $13.75 for adults plus $6 for a movie viewing, and additional fees for other exhibits. Honestly, that doesn’t sound too bad. I think most of the exhibits from my stay there are still around, too.

That’s one thing I’ve always enjoyed, or feared, was going back to places I had only seen as a small child and now seeing it again as an adult. I’m sure many places have changed dramatically since my last visit, but it would still be fun.

Well, I think that’s about it for now. I’ll take this in steps and next time may be about the toys I had or the shows that were on, including Nick at Night or relaunches of older shows from the Hanna Barabra heydays. Somewhere in there will be an interruption by my Ohayocon posting. I may also do music, though I honestly wasn’t too aware of it at the time though I can name some, I’ll also include radio and how awesome it was. I think movies should be in their own post, since I saw a lot of them. I’ll also try to find as many parodies or references made by newer shows and such that i can find, though one in particular I’m not too pleased with. For the closing I’ll try summing it up and taking a look at technology and how it’s advanced and taken over our lives in a way. If anyone knows something I’m missing, like snacks or something, see if you can message me about it… Oh wait… Early 90s fashion when it was trying to shake of the 80s… … … *shudder*…

Hope to see you all around and hope you feel the nostalgia with me and such.