About Myself


Where I’m from:

I am from a small town in northeast Ohio near Akron and Kent State University.  As a student at The Ohio State University I graduated with a BFA in art and technology in December, 2013.  I concentrated in 3D, image editing, and video with a film minor.  Originally I was a Visual Communication and Design student at Kent State University, but transferred at the end of my second year.

I, like many, have been drawing for as long as I can remember.  I filled notebooks and random sheets of paper with drawings of wolves and horses.  A bit of an odd combination, but that was the mixture of a girl growing up with older brothers.  I started finding my drawing style going into the 6th grade at the age of 12.  By this point I was coming up with two dedicated story projects: Triune and the spiritual grandparent of Nox.  I mostly did character art, but I always world build and experiment when I can.

What I’m doing:

I am building a portfolio in illustration, comics or manga, video game design, and animation. I’ve also made some music for my story-projects, but I feel I have a ways to go till I’m as good as I want to be. I’ve always preferred hand-drawn animation over computer animation, though I do appreciate how far we’ve come. In the end I want to see my story projects get turned into animated series or films. I wouldn’t mind having games or other tie-ins included, either.

If you wish to become a continuous patron you may donate at my patreon page. Donations are made per month. Rewards include first looks at works (in progress or completed), high quality downloads or prints, and possible influence in future work.

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If you’re not ready to commit but want to support me, no harm no foul.  I also have a Kofi account and I can accept Paypal donations.  You can also check out the onsite shop to get prints or preorder some exciting items on the way!

About the Site and Transparency Stuff

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When you purchase from my direct shop, you are doing more than supporting a small artist.  Purchases help support local businesses and Doctors Without Borders!  From time to time I will also create special illustrations.  All proceeds from this illustration will go towards the cause or institution the illustration is themed after.  Causes I stand for are mental health, fibromyalgia, the treatment of animals, universal healthcare, and universal access to education.

The environment and our planet are also very important to me.  In order to do my part I am changing my shipping supplies provider to EcoEnclose as old supplies runs out.  I do my part by reusing as much as possible and limiting paper/plastic waste.

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