About Me

Where I am from:

I am from a small town in northeast Ohio near Akron and Kent State University.  As a student at The Ohio State University I graduated with a BFA in art and technology in December, 2013.  I concentrated in 3D, image editing, and video with a film minor.  Originally I was a Visual Communication and Design student at Kent State University, but transferred at the end of my second year.

I, like many, have been drawing for as long as I can remember.  I filled notebooks and random sheets of paper with drawings of wolves and horses.  A bit of an odd combination, but that was the mixture of a girl growing up with older brothers.  I started finding my drawing style going into the 6th grade at the age of 12.  By this point I was coming up with two dedicated story projects: Triune and the spiritual grandparent of Nox.  I mostly did character art, but I always world build and experiment when I can.

What I’m doing:

I am building a portfolio in illustration, comics or manga, video game design, and animation. I’ve also made some music for my story-projects, but I feel I have a ways to go till I’m as good as I want to be. I’ve always preferred hand-drawn animation over computer animation, though I do appreciate how far we’ve come. In the end I want to see my story projects get turned into animated series or films. I wouldn’t mind having games or other tie-ins included, either.

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Community Topics I’m Passionate About

Accessible Nutrition

Some of my earliest memories were of food uncertainty. It only lasted for a few years, but I could never imagine the pressure it put on my mother. She worked overtime, and sometimes even took on a second job, to make sure we had a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. I believe that no child, or person of any age, should ever be hungry. On top of having access to food, a child needs nutrition to stay healthy and support growth.

Kindness to Animals

I have mentioned before I had multiple dogs growing up. A sad fact of life was that for a small stretch of my teenage years they were my only friends outside of my brother and his friends. We spoiled our dogs with free reign over the house, all the couch naps, dog-safe table scraps, and play. I would like to support animals through no-kill shelter support, helping the less fortunate with medical bills, and stopping animal cruelty.


I am on the fence on whether college is for everyone or not. Those going into teaching and medicine, yes. To the others who can do can focus without the rigorous structure, not sure. However, I know I was part of that lovely middle ground that qualified for aid, but ‘made too much’ to get a decent aid package. Not to mention my step-dad refused to let my mother give neither me nor my twin a dime, but I digress. I had to take out loans, and some of these have been rather predatory. No one should have to fall in the same trap. I always wanted to be able to support prospective students by supporting scholarship organizations, or developing a fund myself. I will continue to support this until there is a fix at a wider scale.

Medical Expenses

I believe everyone has the right to access affordable medical care. No one should have to depend on the donations of others to pay for a doctor or hospital visit. I will keep pursuing this right until it is no longer an issue. This goes more specifically into…

Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, and Depression

My twin brother has all three. His mental health may be caused by his fibromyalgia, or the other way around. However, I can’t even imagine what it’s like for him. He needs many different medications, and I want to help research for better management, or even a cure.

The Environment

The environment and our planet are also very important to me.  We have this one planet, and the animals on it. I find that a lot of my favorite animals are in danger of disappearing in my lifetime. I support tigers, lions, wolves, pandas, and more! My childhood was full of eco friendly films. I am against logging, partially because I do not want any terrifying smog monsters coming out of their arbor prisons. Also, it is super destructive and alternatives exist. I believe in all houses becoming solar, and finding an alternate fuel source for vehicles.

How Am I currently Supporting This?

From time to time I will create special illustrations.  25%-50% of the profits from these illustrations will go towards the cause or institution the illustration is themed after.

Packaging supplies purchases helps the organization Doctors Without Borders! In order to do my part being green select packaging will come from EcoEnclose as old supplies runs out.  I reuse packaging as much as possible and try to limit paper/plastic waste.

If you know of a good organization I can do drives with, let me know!

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