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I noticed that if I waited six more days, I would not have made a post on this blog in two years.  I decided to make a small switch with how I managed my site and this blog.  While my site (My Portfolio) would focus mainly on my art and projects, this blog would be about announcements, showing progress on work, and other things.
I’m going to take this opportunity to show a work in progress and compare it to my first art post.

in comparison to

Originally seen in:
I’m expecting the work on top to take a few more hours.  I’ve been working on my speed now that my craft is slowly getting out of the way.
I also still never made that michiyuki I bought the fabric for, but I still have the fabric and plan on making it.  I’m graduating from college (finally!) next week so I should have time.  While I look for a job I’m open for commission.
I’m also attending Ohayocon 14!  This will be my fourth time at Ohayocon in a row.  I’m doing better with each consecutive year, and I’m hoping this year is fairly successful.
All in all, I hope this is the start of something great!