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Been working on art again

I got to hang out with the wonderful, and wonderfully talented, Elentori a while back.  I got to use her Cintiq for a bit.  When I finished the drawing and got the colors in, she did a good chunk of correcting and shading.  I finished it at home.

This was the result:

Helena collab with Elentori
Helena collab with Elentori

The other night I did a spontaneous stream that went for about 3 hours.  I took a small break about 2/3 of the way through to walk and make tea.  I drew another OC, Reya.  I’m going to off-screen or in another stream do corrections and finish it up.

Reya - wip
Reya – wip

She’s already red-lined.  Well, green-lined in this case.

I’m hoping to keep this going, especially with what I plan to get for my tax return.  😉

If I can finally get around to doing it, I will also finally get started on ‘So We’re Making a Comic! – Trying to get A(head)’!  My writer for ‘Syrens’ and myself have been discussing things we can do with the story to give it more character.  He’s suggesting a steampunk world.  It would change the tone I think, but I think a cannon AU would be fun instead.

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Updates and updates

First, I want to share my condolences with anybody from France, and especially Paris, after the events of Friday.  I hope that you can stand tall and proud as recovery slowly begins.

On the creative front:

I’m trying to do at least one creative thing a day.  This could include doing some practice sketches or painting ideas, actual drawings or paintings, or writing.  I’m currently writing a novel version of Syrens so my friend and writer has something to work with based on my original vision and his feedback.

I’m also hoping to start a script or page layouts for the SWMaC stream of consciousness comic soon.  I don’t know if I’ll have much time for things till after Christmas.  I hope to start something early in 2016.  I do foresee at least one, or even two, recurring stories which may get reprinted as standalone things if there’s demand for it,

I’ve also finally gotten progress done on the commission.  The people and the foreground have a lot of detail, but the surrounding area is very sketchy.

I’m hoping to start my gaming channel again soon.  I’ve been having issues getting footage to work on my arthritic laptop (it does what it can).  However, my mom will be coming down for Thanksgiving and she should be bringing my desktop down to me.  There’s an issue of wi-fi or similar way of getting a connection, though.  I think I can connect two together and string them very carefully with command hooks to the third floor.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get in another post before Thanksgiving.  So, I hope it’s alright to wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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Trying to get back in the groove

You can check out a new sketch on my deviantArt or my patreon page!  If you are a patron of at least $5 a month the clean line art will be available for practice.

I’m also doing studies for a commission.  I want to take my time on it since it is for a close friend of the family.  I’m going to dig around for some larger paper tomorrow for the final drawing.  It will be colored digitally.


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Revving up for Ohayocon 2015!

I have two drawings ready for coloring.  One of them should only take me a few hours but the other will be a while.

CyberYellow- Drawing by a0ka0neArt on DeviantArt and
Margot in the City- Drawing by a0ka0neArt on DeviantArt

Ohayocon is in a matter of weeks and I’m getting excited.  Still a lot to prepare for but I’m sure I’ll be done in time.  Something that got started this year I appreciate is a map of the artists!

I’ll have my usual post-con sale on my store.  I’ve also recently created a Patreon page.  I’m seeking monthly support so I can work towards supporting myself fully on my artwork.  It works kind of like a subscription or an ongoing kickstarter.  Patronage comes with rewards like first looks, access to WIPs or FAQs, and free postcards, prints, or posters.

Aside from Ohayocon I’m working on finding some employment.  I had an internship interview yesterday and I’m talking with a recruiter tomorrow about a temporary graphic design contract.  I’ve been doing a lot more applying i hopes I start 2015 employed.

I’ll close this here.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and will have a Happy New Year!

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October is upon us and I am excited for fall despite my current circumstances.  I love the fresh smell mixed with leaves that wafts through the air.  Cocoa and sweaters are back in fashion.  Spooky movies come out and you don’t feel out of place watching them.  Pumpkins and Thanksgiving!  Yes, I enjoy a pumpkin spice latte from time to time myself.  I am sad to see the trees become bare later on, but it makes us closer to Christmas.

I am one of those special snowflakes that are not particularly fond of Halloween.  As a kid I loved dressing up and begging for my pumpkin of candy.  I still love Jack-O-Lanterns since it gives me the chance to be creative and I love candlelight.  Yet, I think it’s because so many people go overboard, or what happens to Halloween as people reach college age that steers me away from it.  It’s also hard to celebrate holidays when you have other matters on the mind.

I’m still job hunting, but prospects are coming.  I am still hoping to get back to Columbus, but I must go where I get offered a job.  One of my dogs is also battling a lesion while the older one is having difficulty walking from time to time.

All that aside I’d like to talk about some of my future plans with my art and other projects.

The site– If you haven’t seen yet I updated the background and the color scheme for fall.  I added donation tools to the front and added my email addresses to the footer.

The portfolio is about to see a major overhaul.  I’m ditching the deviantArt provided one and creating my own.  Projects will be separated by school, paid, personal, and art.  I’m hoping I can make it pop quite a bit and what I’ll learn can carry over to the main site.  Something I wanted to do with the original design was a hover function where the button background would show a random piece of artwork from a set.  Maybe be able to do it with some js and .gif’s.

Art– I’m starting to create some original work that is related to music set themes instead of any of my original stories.  Some day they may overlap.  I select a set of related music due to one thing or another, and make a set based on what I picture while I listen to it.  I’m working on one set now, with three loosely planned out with another one to three to do.

I also have a digital painting in the works!

All that’s left to do on it is some final brush work to clean up details, proportions, extra lighting, or mismatched areas.  Then I’ll work on a background for it.  Not sure what to do just yet.

 I’m also going to try getting back to 3D modeling.  Maybe some things may become available for print.

Some other art may be coming soon that go along with the story projects.  Speaking of which…

Story ProjectsSyrens might be starting before the year is over.  I’m going to try developing some back story and relaying it to my writer buddy who’s helping.  I also need to work on concept art and get in touch with the military assistant about what to use and what not to use.  For that I’m going to give detailed character backgrounds and weapon preferences after I check everything with the writer.  We’re not sure what year it will take place except it’s the near future.

Triune might be getting some small or full-length games of it’s main story or extended universe.  I’m currently trying to teach myself RPG Maker after it’s been on my computer for months.  Art that will come with this include sprites, objects, and character art for concept and speaking.  Full 3D in Unity is also an option.  I’m still trying to find time for historical research and editing on the story.  I feel there are a lot of kinks I want to make work or change as little as possible.

I’m still itching to do some story for Nox Aeternitatis.  I’m hoping to be able to start it some time next year but I want a good chunk ready to go before the Black Night arc finishes.  I’m looking over the character designs again and hopefully making some finalization.

Youtube– I’m going to try a let’s play channel!  A lot of people are suggesting to start with Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Other thoughts for channel openers include The Cursed Forest (with translation), Ib, Witch’s House, Dread Out, Amenesia, or Yume Nikki.  I plan on eventually doing most or all of those.  Your suggestions or opinions are highly appreciated!

Sorry about the length of this one.  Thanks for reading!


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Still on the job hunt

Silent Envy - Original
But I did complete a digital painting!

At the moment I’m waiting to hear back from one place I interviewed with though that fell through.  I’m waiting to hear about another place this week at some point.  I thought I heard the position needed filled by the 28th, so here’s hoping.

I have made some plans for what I’m doing next with my artwork.  I found an app recently called Evernote.  It’s been a life saver when ideas come to me at night.  One set I’m going to do is based on what I picture listening to certain sound scapes and such.

I also have a patreon page if anyone is interested in giving me monthly support.  I have also set up gigs on fiverr for drawing and inking services, or you can commission me.

Not much else has been going on.  Thanks for reading!

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Life happened!

I’ve been working at a Lowe’s nearby since early April, and it combined with more job hunting and an ending lease hasn’t left me with much time outside of it.

I’ve been slowly working on things, and I have a couple commissions completed or in progress:

Character concept for indie-game in development
A BIG break for me once I get more info from the commissioner!

I’ve been meaning to get back to personal work, too.  I haven’t touched this one in a while, but I hope to whittle a little bit more from it soon:

This is a bit different from the original design that I had going.  There has been numerous fixes on the hands.  The kimono of the woman in the painting was originally pink and red.  What should stand out the most is the kimono of my character.  This was her original design…

and I always felt it needed a bit more.  I think adding the clouds were a nice touch, though I may lighting them a little when I get the chance to go back in.  I tried sketching it up with marker, and I plan to eventually scan that in and post it.  I feel the clouds give the snow I put in a bit more of a chance to stand out, and I think adds to the woodblock print look I was going for originally.

What do you think?

I think the other big update is that I discovered Patreon.  It’s a wonderful site where creators of varied content can get people to patron their work, or subscribe in a sense, to help the creator keep doing what they’re doing.  My creator page, where you can donate to help me with creation, is here.  I’m hoping if I can get donations it’ll be enough to help with my student loans, or be able to actually start some of my story projects.

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March Update

I redid the color scheme and such for the site!  It’s really nice and colorful for the new season.  Updates aside from that include: the return of a commission page, emails to contact me by in the footer, making the border of the images on the home page css instead of part of the jpg, some jpgs were changed to png, and the move from the page by page navigation to css format instead of jpg buttons.  Much easier to edit everything by.

I haven’t found a job just yet, but I’m looking every day and working on my networking for a job and also my art.  I got my account at active again, and it’s hard to appease people with roughs alone.  I have a few illustrations in the works now that I’m getting better and working on my composition and perspective.  I’m trying to get feedback on it.

My dad also said he’s willing to help me get driving lessons somewhere, though he should be coming down soon and I can see if I can get some practice from him.

I’m working on trying to draw at least one thing, spend some time on a coloring, work on a 3D model, or make a practice web page/design a day.  I’m trying to get back in to the swing of things and get some portfolio work.  I’m also going to seriously try starting the comic soon.  I’m going to something Sunday that’s supposed to be a Columbus comic makers fellowship.  I should get some good feedback and community building from it!

To tantalize I have this drawing, did some changes after noticing them.  Here’s Sam:

He’s a scientist in the world of the comic, and actually one of the head scientists working in medicinal technologies (or what the official term is).  The context of this drawing is that this is the first panel we see him in where he’s back on the island he loves so much, having to leave because of an emergency evacuation.  He’s there to assist some hired guns to investigate what went wrong.

Though I enjoy doing this…  Compare the above to…

Gah!  That.  His original drawing and color from 09 and 10 has so many things wrong with it, but it’s from when I first had the set of weird dreams that inspired Syrens.

I enjoy watching myself improve.  Someone recommended some books my way after he said some of my anatomy still seemed off.  (This was last week, but I know I still need some work.)  I wish people would help on what I ask, mainly my points above, instead of getting so worked up on something people take years to master anyway.

I worked on my commission prices after some feedback if anyone wanted to take a look on the commission page.  Every little bit helps, and you also get an original piece of art out of it.

Think that’s about it for now.  Hopefully see everyone sooner than a month.


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Post-Ohayocon 2014 things and news

I was slightly successful at Ohayocon, but I didn’t quite make all of my shipping costs back.  I made table after product cost, and that is enough for me.  I’m thinking I may have to raise the prices on newer stuff if I continue using someplace that charges me almost $5 to get my stuff shipped to me.  The quality is really nice, though.

As is tradition, my site is holding it’s post-con sale.  The code is Ohayo14!

I’m still looking for a job, and I got the usual, berating call from my dad this morning.  In the meantime I’m open for commission while I see if I can get Syrens off the ground.  I only have enough money to last me for three months if I continue scraping by.  I’m also going to try working on my portfolio, and maybe get another project in the works as samples.  This one involves Blender, Photoshop or Manga Studio, and Unity.  That or RPG maker.

That seems to be about it.  I hope to update sooner than later next time around.


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Merry Christmas, Readers!

Christmas is only a couple days away but it sure doesn’t look like it outside.  My area got hit by a ton of rain with flash flood warnings.  As far as the forecast looks, there will also be no snow again.  I did get a drafting desk I can probably later use as a light table.  There’s just space issues right now so I can’t set it up.

Anyway, I’ll also give a quick update on how my art is coming along.

Encore is finished!

I also started work on something I’ve titled City Window.

Still a bit of work to go, though…

Lately I’ve also been working in Blender.  I made a logo:

and a still life:

The still life is a little special because the tea set was a high school project in arts class.  I made it hoping my friend Maya and I would be able to use it some day.  That day never came, though, since the majority of it never got glaze fired.  At least now we have our tea.

I graduated from college a couple weeks ago.  It’s weird having so much time on my hands, but I’m making the most of it.

I’m open for commissions if anyone’s interested…  *hint… *hint…

Again, Merry Christmas to everyone and I look forward to seeing some of you at Ohayocon or around!