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March Update

I redid the color scheme and such for the site!  It’s really nice and colorful for the new season.  Updates aside from that include: the return of a commission page, emails to contact me by in the footer, making the border of the images on the home page css instead of part of the jpg, some jpgs were changed to png, and the move from the page by page navigation to css format instead of jpg buttons.  Much easier to edit everything by.

I haven’t found a job just yet, but I’m looking every day and working on my networking for a job and also my art.  I got my account at active again, and it’s hard to appease people with roughs alone.  I have a few illustrations in the works now that I’m getting better and working on my composition and perspective.  I’m trying to get feedback on it.

My dad also said he’s willing to help me get driving lessons somewhere, though he should be coming down soon and I can see if I can get some practice from him.

I’m working on trying to draw at least one thing, spend some time on a coloring, work on a 3D model, or make a practice web page/design a day.  I’m trying to get back in to the swing of things and get some portfolio work.  I’m also going to seriously try starting the comic soon.  I’m going to something Sunday that’s supposed to be a Columbus comic makers fellowship.  I should get some good feedback and community building from it!

To tantalize I have this drawing, did some changes after noticing them.  Here’s Sam:

He’s a scientist in the world of the comic, and actually one of the head scientists working in medicinal technologies (or what the official term is).  The context of this drawing is that this is the first panel we see him in where he’s back on the island he loves so much, having to leave because of an emergency evacuation.  He’s there to assist some hired guns to investigate what went wrong.

Though I enjoy doing this…  Compare the above to…

Gah!  That.  His original drawing and color from 09 and 10 has so many things wrong with it, but it’s from when I first had the set of weird dreams that inspired Syrens.

I enjoy watching myself improve.  Someone recommended some books my way after he said some of my anatomy still seemed off.  (This was last week, but I know I still need some work.)  I wish people would help on what I ask, mainly my points above, instead of getting so worked up on something people take years to master anyway.

I worked on my commission prices after some feedback if anyone wanted to take a look on the commission page.  Every little bit helps, and you also get an original piece of art out of it.

Think that’s about it for now.  Hopefully see everyone sooner than a month.


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Post-Ohayocon 2014 things and news

I was slightly successful at Ohayocon, but I didn’t quite make all of my shipping costs back.  I made table after product cost, and that is enough for me.  I’m thinking I may have to raise the prices on newer stuff if I continue using someplace that charges me almost $5 to get my stuff shipped to me.  The quality is really nice, though.

As is tradition, my site is holding it’s post-con sale.  The code is Ohayo14!

I’m still looking for a job, and I got the usual, berating call from my dad this morning.  In the meantime I’m open for commission while I see if I can get Syrens off the ground.  I only have enough money to last me for three months if I continue scraping by.  I’m also going to try working on my portfolio, and maybe get another project in the works as samples.  This one involves Blender, Photoshop or Manga Studio, and Unity.  That or RPG maker.

That seems to be about it.  I hope to update sooner than later next time around.


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Merry Christmas, Readers!

Christmas is only a couple days away but it sure doesn’t look like it outside.  My area got hit by a ton of rain with flash flood warnings.  As far as the forecast looks, there will also be no snow again.  I did get a drafting desk I can probably later use as a light table.  There’s just space issues right now so I can’t set it up.

Anyway, I’ll also give a quick update on how my art is coming along.

Encore is finished!

I also started work on something I’ve titled City Window.

Still a bit of work to go, though…

Lately I’ve also been working in Blender.  I made a logo:

and a still life:

The still life is a little special because the tea set was a high school project in arts class.  I made it hoping my friend Maya and I would be able to use it some day.  That day never came, though, since the majority of it never got glaze fired.  At least now we have our tea.

I graduated from college a couple weeks ago.  It’s weird having so much time on my hands, but I’m making the most of it.

I’m open for commissions if anyone’s interested…  *hint… *hint…

Again, Merry Christmas to everyone and I look forward to seeing some of you at Ohayocon or around!

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I noticed that if I waited six more days, I would not have made a post on this blog in two years.  I decided to make a small switch with how I managed my site and this blog.  While my site (My Portfolio) would focus mainly on my art and projects, this blog would be about announcements, showing progress on work, and other things.
I’m going to take this opportunity to show a work in progress and compare it to my first art post.

in comparison to

Originally seen in:
I’m expecting the work on top to take a few more hours.  I’ve been working on my speed now that my craft is slowly getting out of the way.
I also still never made that michiyuki I bought the fabric for, but I still have the fabric and plan on making it.  I’m graduating from college (finally!) next week so I should have time.  While I look for a job I’m open for commission.
I’m also attending Ohayocon 14!  This will be my fourth time at Ohayocon in a row.  I’m doing better with each consecutive year, and I’m hoping this year is fairly successful.
All in all, I hope this is the start of something great!
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Just Truggin’ Along

Haven’t really started working on my next retro article. Sorry.

I have recently started a shop at Here is the direct link to my store: Right as of now all that is there is the watercolor from before and two charcoal drawings copied from my dogs. Everyone I have asked says that my items are priced reasonably.

I recently purchased some fabric from Ichiroya. This is the same kimono flea market from which I got my furisode.

I am super excited about getting this fabric. I plan on making a michiyuki. It is similar to a haori, or jacket. It closes in the front, can be worn indoors or outside, and is kind of like a (nice) artist’s smock.

September 15th I go to an office on OSU to take an aptitude test. No one in my family thinks I’ll find a (well paying) job with an Art & Technology BFA. I am also undecided on a minor so this appointment will hopefully help me find the right road to take. Classes start the 22nd.

A short and sweet update.