Hire Me

Status: Open for art commissions!

I will readily take illustration, character design, and concept art commissions.  Graphic novel or manga commissions may be under consideration.  I may decline a commission at any time, but I will provide a reason as to why.

There are rush, research, and cancellation fees. If the art is for commercial purposes there is a fee or profit margin contract.  Commercial fee factors include for profit release, mass production merchandise, and total signover of profit rights.

A commission can be cancelled up through the inking stage.  I prohibit cancellations after I have started coloring and shading.  I will only refund stages I did not complete.

I’m willing to do some mature work but I will decline if it’s too graphic. I will also ask for confirmation that the client or recipient is at least 18 years of age. Those refusing to provide ID, or fake their identity, will be denied. There is also a ‘mature art fee’ of $15. I reserve the right to refuse a commission based on content.

I reserve the right to use all work in my portfolio for other potential clients.  Requests for exclusion will be honored.  I will respect any requests to not display work until a given date.  Examples may be if it is for a gift or a top secret project.  I also request any of my work be properly attributed to me.

Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions!

Commission Prices+

Half Body$25-30+$30-45+$45-70+
Full Body$30-35+$35-45+$60-100+

+Prices may vary if the character or background is more complex than usual work.

*Prices may vary if new or unique/exclusive materials are required for traditional material.

**Backgrounds that are single color, a simple gradient, or transparent (no background) is free of charge.

Previous work for others (commissions, gifts, ect.):