This here is my art gallery.  Among the complete works are original drawings and line art.

I have my work together by the year or years of creation.  However, art I have done for others have their own set.  The first work in any slideshow is the first to come out that year.  After that it is in chronological order to the best of my memory. The oldest work I have access to at the moment is from way back in 2008.

Whenever I find them, I will publish some of my early work.  Similarly, I will do my best to label each one with the year or my age.

Did you like something in my gallery? I have prints available of much of my work.  You can check them out in my shop.
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If you are curious about my process I am on many social platforms.  Most of my activity is between Instagram and YouTube.  There you will also find little doodles and progress images.

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