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Giving this a try…

I originally set this up as it was required for my College Writing I Class my first year of school.  I was thinking about getting back on it, and now here I am!

As the blog states I am “studying” to become a certified artist.  I really wanted to make a Spaceballs reference and say “prince” or “princess”… like Lone Star…  My art style is mostly anime/manga style.  I normally sketch my drawings out and then color them in Photoshop.  A graphics tablet is a beautiful thing!  Anyways, I know I have it as my website, but my DeviantArt page is  “NumNut” is my gaming alias.
I lack the beautiful thing called x-Box Live and such so not too many people know of it…
For those of you familiar with anime and manga, but don’t know the difference: anime is the actual animation (get it?) while manga is the comics.  I know a number of anime fans/otaku alike are downright mean to people for not knowing.
I hate people who look down upon ignorance, especially for someone just starting out in something.  I feel that makes such people the ignorant ones.  Another thing, work related here, is when people assume just because they’re living/working/getting an eduction/etc. at a certain place that they’re automatically dumb.  I actually have a GPA of about 3.3 something, but I’m deceptively bubbly; or at least I try to be.  As with earlier tonight; people can’t understand the obvious and don’t let me get to explain my side of anything.  Half the time I feel like my call falls upon death ears, or people use it as ammo.
Which is one reason why I’m trying to transfer.  I don’t know where to yet, but that’s where I can use your, the reader’s, help.  I was thinking of moving down to Columbus, Ohio to The Ohio State University.  My twin is down there so I’ll always having a relative close by in case I need help.  The only reason why I came to Kent State was because a) My mom made me and b) I was lured in by the VisualCommunicationDesign program there (referred to as vcd or other demeaning names from this point forth).
I failed miserably so then came the hunt for a replacement.  I was going to do Fine Art, but of course my mom says “no, you need a job that will make you (in actually herself self-esteem or pride points) money”.  I don’t care anymore.  She tried getting me into Computer Science, which I’m hating the Intro class with a passion.  I don’t really get it, it’s boring, it has a lot of focus on stuff I doubt I’ll ever use, and I just wanted to make video games.
OSU actually has it all: digital artwork and digital animation!  It’s just a little expensive… especially since I’m tired of dumb, lazy people and dorm life.  I have been trying to learn through a friend, I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with a Denny Furlong, but he’s my “teacher”.  Thing is, we’re all experiencing some awkward simultaneous crossroads droll.
Oh well,
I’ll stop being depressing now…
Annie Foerster