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Invisible Sunshine on My Shoulders

Ohio in the fall, and well through early-April, is pretty absent of sun unless you’re lucky. I’ll see if I can get some pics up of the leaves in my area. My previous school back at Kent State University has already had a sloppy snow/rain mix, and I’m waiting for our first snow.
It’s funny how you don’t really notice some things as a child and then you learn to appreciate what’s around you as you get older. I’ve always liked the fall leaves, though, and the ones around here have been exceptionally beautiful this year…
The snow however, is a bit of a different matter. I really like it when it first starts to fall, but by the time the modern world spoils the snow and makes it all grimy and disgusting, plus when it melts, it just needs to go.
As a few know I moved down to Columbus, OH in July; and, yes, I’m attending the Ohio State University. I’m pursuing the Art & Technology program here, but I have to get through the foundation and core classes first. They also have a few classes for webcomic. I’m going to pursue 2-d/3-d animation and graphic novels as a major and a minor in creative writing (which I still have to start getting ready for and meeting with someone about) and maybe a foreign language. I really enjoyed French but I also want to know Japanese and see if I can finally get German right. I finally have a plan that sounds like a college set of programs and it feels good.
I’m also working on a webcomic, and that should be up soon. I’ll have the link soon and I hope that I’ll soon be able to have my own site for it. I don’t want to give away too much now, but I hope it all works out.
Also, if there is anybody in the Columbus, OH area I’d be more than happy to give out my mark. online store site. I don’t know if I’d exactly be able to meet you in person and help you out with selections but my e-mail is always available and I try to check at least once a day. If there’s no link on the store it’s simply
So, that’s about it for the update now. I’ll be sure to update more in the future!