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Just Truggin’ Along

Haven’t really started working on my next retro article. Sorry.

I have recently started a shop at Here is the direct link to my store: Right as of now all that is there is the watercolor from before and two charcoal drawings copied from my dogs. Everyone I have asked says that my items are priced reasonably.

I recently purchased some fabric from Ichiroya. This is the same kimono flea market from which I got my furisode.

I am super excited about getting this fabric. I plan on making a michiyuki. It is similar to a haori, or jacket. It closes in the front, can be worn indoors or outside, and is kind of like a (nice) artist’s smock.

September 15th I go to an office on OSU to take an aptitude test. No one in my family thinks I’ll find a (well paying) job with an Art & Technology BFA. I am also undecided on a minor so this appointment will hopefully help me find the right road to take. Classes start the 22nd.

A short and sweet update.

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  1. Hello! I'm Japanese. Nice to meet you!
    I'm surprised you know the word "Michiyuki".
    You're very knowledgeable about Japan.

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