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Life happened!

I’ve been working at a Lowe’s nearby since early April, and it combined with more job hunting and an ending lease hasn’t left me with much time outside of it.

I’ve been slowly working on things, and I have a couple commissions completed or in progress:

Character concept for indie-game in development
A BIG break for me once I get more info from the commissioner!

I’ve been meaning to get back to personal work, too.  I haven’t touched this one in a while, but I hope to whittle a little bit more from it soon:

This is a bit different from the original design that I had going.  There has been numerous fixes on the hands.  The kimono of the woman in the painting was originally pink and red.  What should stand out the most is the kimono of my character.  This was her original design…

and I always felt it needed a bit more.  I think adding the clouds were a nice touch, though I may lighting them a little when I get the chance to go back in.  I tried sketching it up with marker, and I plan to eventually scan that in and post it.  I feel the clouds give the snow I put in a bit more of a chance to stand out, and I think adds to the woodblock print look I was going for originally.

What do you think?

I think the other big update is that I discovered Patreon.  It’s a wonderful site where creators of varied content can get people to patron their work, or subscribe in a sense, to help the creator keep doing what they’re doing.  My creator page, where you can donate to help me with creation, is here.  I’m hoping if I can get donations it’ll be enough to help with my student loans, or be able to actually start some of my story projects.

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