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Making slow climbs and holds…

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in a while.  Anyways…

I made the decision to transfer to The Ohio State University.  Yeah, OSU has to put a “the” in front of it to ward of impostors…  XD  Anyways, I’m going into Pre-Art and basically starting from ground zero.  I have to go in for orientation and take a math placement test since I need to take another one down here (since math and testing your brain is actually valued down here… not exactly my cup o’ tea but oh well…).  I’m just hoping it doesn’t involve geometry or trigonometry.  As an obvious art person I don’t do well at that kind of math for some inherit reason.
So now comes the crazy job and housing hunt that comes with relocation.  I’m at least happier that I’ll be closer to Ohayocon come time for me to apply in the Artist Alley.  I just hope I make it though…  Which reminds me, OSU has no Anime Club or Society.  Which gives me devilish plans…!
Also, I’m going to be at Colossal Con 2009 in Kalahari this June.  I’m not being an artist or anything; I’m just going to be there to be there.  I’ll still have my Jigoku Shoujo cosplay, and the kimono I got back in February.  I may have to put photos up someday.  I have been trying to collaborate with someone on making a Wild Arms 3 costume for me as Virginia Maxwell.  We’re going to have real leather and it’s going to be sweet!
Anyways, I wish I could experiment with my art a little more.  I don’t know how, but I want to add a softer color touch to my art, but the bold colors and soft textures I use now seem to be pretty popular if I can just do a better job at it.  My computer’s logic board crashing on me didn’t help much, either.
I hope I sound better than what I did in the last blog…  Over and out!