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Making some strides

Sorry I haven’t written in so long.

I recently bought a program called Voila and below is the fabulous result!

Soon I’ll be working on a few logo ideas and for now I’ll start the music at the beginning of the video. I am trying to work out all of the kinks but I think I made the music too loud previously.

Sadly I recorded finishing the image but the file got corrupted somehow. I’ll try to make up for it later by going over some of the details. I am also working on a more interesting background.

Gray is bleak…

Later I will be going over how I would do a line-less, painted portrait in Photoshop with the same girl.

Also, soon I plan on finally getting actual pages done of Syrens. I am still not sure how I’d actually go about publishing it but I’m trying to do my research. I am also considering making my own web page for my work in general.

It’s almost summer break at last so I’ll finally have some time cleared up again. I’ll have to work on packing up for my new apartment, though.