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New look!


I decided to give WordPress a try after learning how to practice it on a local (personal computer-based) host.  Fairly nice and easy to use.

I have added a few pieces of art in between the design change.  You can check out the gallery to see it!  I also fixed some of the links for socialization and other art sites.  The second drop down from the right is where my artwork is available for purchase.  The rightmost drop down menu has links that the social media menu (bottom of page) didn’t recognize.  This includes my deviantArt, pixiv, and other sites.

Some pages allow comments now and I may try introducing a forum section if traffic increases enough.  I think there are also working forms again!

So, enjoy the new site!  There may be some silly small updates while I clear out the dust and test things.  With this new platform I should be able to update it more often now, as well.  Down the road I will work on getting my blogger/blogspot posts on here.

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