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October is upon us and I am excited for fall despite my current circumstances.  I love the fresh smell mixed with leaves that wafts through the air.  Cocoa and sweaters are back in fashion.  Spooky movies come out and you don’t feel out of place watching them.  Pumpkins and Thanksgiving!  Yes, I enjoy a pumpkin spice latte from time to time myself.  I am sad to see the trees become bare later on, but it makes us closer to Christmas.

I am one of those special snowflakes that are not particularly fond of Halloween.  As a kid I loved dressing up and begging for my pumpkin of candy.  I still love Jack-O-Lanterns since it gives me the chance to be creative and I love candlelight.  Yet, I think it’s because so many people go overboard, or what happens to Halloween as people reach college age that steers me away from it.  It’s also hard to celebrate holidays when you have other matters on the mind.

I’m still job hunting, but prospects are coming.  I am still hoping to get back to Columbus, but I must go where I get offered a job.  One of my dogs is also battling a lesion while the older one is having difficulty walking from time to time.

All that aside I’d like to talk about some of my future plans with my art and other projects.

The site– If you haven’t seen yet I updated the background and the color scheme for fall.  I added donation tools to the front and added my email addresses to the footer.

The portfolio is about to see a major overhaul.  I’m ditching the deviantArt provided one and creating my own.  Projects will be separated by school, paid, personal, and art.  I’m hoping I can make it pop quite a bit and what I’ll learn can carry over to the main site.  Something I wanted to do with the original design was a hover function where the button background would show a random piece of artwork from a set.  Maybe be able to do it with some js and .gif’s.

Art– I’m starting to create some original work that is related to music set themes instead of any of my original stories.  Some day they may overlap.  I select a set of related music due to one thing or another, and make a set based on what I picture while I listen to it.  I’m working on one set now, with three loosely planned out with another one to three to do.

I also have a digital painting in the works!

All that’s left to do on it is some final brush work to clean up details, proportions, extra lighting, or mismatched areas.  Then I’ll work on a background for it.  Not sure what to do just yet.

 I’m also going to try getting back to 3D modeling.  Maybe some things may become available for print.

Some other art may be coming soon that go along with the story projects.  Speaking of which…

Story ProjectsSyrens might be starting before the year is over.  I’m going to try developing some back story and relaying it to my writer buddy who’s helping.  I also need to work on concept art and get in touch with the military assistant about what to use and what not to use.  For that I’m going to give detailed character backgrounds and weapon preferences after I check everything with the writer.  We’re not sure what year it will take place except it’s the near future.

Triune might be getting some small or full-length games of it’s main story or extended universe.  I’m currently trying to teach myself RPG Maker after it’s been on my computer for months.  Art that will come with this include sprites, objects, and character art for concept and speaking.  Full 3D in Unity is also an option.  I’m still trying to find time for historical research and editing on the story.  I feel there are a lot of kinks I want to make work or change as little as possible.

I’m still itching to do some story for Nox Aeternitatis.  I’m hoping to be able to start it some time next year but I want a good chunk ready to go before the Black Night arc finishes.  I’m looking over the character designs again and hopefully making some finalization.

Youtube– I’m going to try a let’s play channel!  A lot of people are suggesting to start with Five Nights at Freddy’s.  Other thoughts for channel openers include The Cursed Forest (with translation), Ib, Witch’s House, Dread Out, Amenesia, or Yume Nikki.  I plan on eventually doing most or all of those.  Your suggestions or opinions are highly appreciated!

Sorry about the length of this one.  Thanks for reading!


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