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Post-Ohayocon 2014 things and news

I was slightly successful at Ohayocon, but I didn’t quite make all of my shipping costs back.  I made table after product cost, and that is enough for me.  I’m thinking I may have to raise the prices on newer stuff if I continue using someplace that charges me almost $5 to get my stuff shipped to me.  The quality is really nice, though.

As is tradition, my site is holding it’s post-con sale.  The code is Ohayo14!

I’m still looking for a job, and I got the usual, berating call from my dad this morning.  In the meantime I’m open for commission while I see if I can get Syrens off the ground.  I only have enough money to last me for three months if I continue scraping by.  I’m also going to try working on my portfolio, and maybe get another project in the works as samples.  This one involves Blender, Photoshop or Manga Studio, and Unity.  That or RPG maker.

That seems to be about it.  I hope to update sooner than later next time around.