Evolving Pre Order

Support new artwork as I make it!

The Evolving Pre Order is a special section of the store.  This section features upcoming work in my coloring queue.

Upcoming work always includes prints and posters, chibis, and special items.  In addition these include charms, stickers, and future comics.

Evolving Pre Order helps fund the stock of new artwork.  It is the same as a tiny Kickstarter project or campaign.  Purchasing from here also assists me with living expenses while I plug away on new art for you.

Check back often, catch Twitch streams, or follow my Instagram to watch the art evolve!  Following my social media channels is the best way to interact with evolving work.

Sponsor input and feedback is highly encouraged!  As a result my artwork also gains a community.  In time I hope to create a Discord Server for more real time communication!

Stay tuned for for the latest ideas I put to paper!

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Showing all 7 results