The Betta Dresses

The Betta Dresses Collection takes inspiration from the betta fish. These fish are known for their long fins and beautiful colors. There are many different types of betta fish. Each one has its own set of more specific motifs.

The first four of the Betta Dress Collection are of my own pets. Nora is the human counterpart of Nightshade, my first betta. They are the inspiration for the project. Following dresses are the pets of others or non-betta fish. In fact, Becky is a cory catfish.

More beautiful fish gowns are in the future.  There may be two more betta fish.  I also plan on adding some based on different types of goldfish.

If you have a fish you want memorialized as a dress, let me know!

Some items are made to order, and have an extra two (2) to seven (7) or so days of waiting time.  Please take this into consideration based on each one before you order.  Thank you.

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Showing all 14 results