The CyberGirls Collection

This quartet is the CyberGirls.  They are part of a webcomic that is currently being planned out.

Blue – The smallest of the group, and likely the youngest.  Of student age but her activities offline are mysterious.  Her speciality is research and knowledge.

Green – She creates the group, and is the de facto leader.  When the story starts she and Yellow have already met.  Her specialty is coding and hacking.  She has her means.

Red – I want Red to be the lancer (foil or opposite) of Green.  She’ll be rough around the edges, but with a sense of justice.  She’s the life of the party and a whiz at data tracking.

Yellow – I intend for Yellow to be the cute socialite type of the group.  She enjoys sound and playing with it.

Bookmarks are coming soon!  A fifth character may also be on the way.

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Showing all 7 results