Becoming Burning Wrath

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A charcoal drawing with small splashes of red watercolor.  It depicts a female soldier preparing to do the unthinkable with fire.



‘Becoming Burning Wrath’ is my piece for the gallery Comics Vs Art IV: The Gods Have Spoken.  It is a charcoal drawing with small sections of red watercolor.  The original is on wet media paper with a large tooth (deep texture).

The inspiration for the piece is Edward Burne-Jones’ Gudrun Setting Fire to Atli’s Palace.  It is a mixed media painting of Gudrun, or Kriemhild, of Germanic legend wandering the halls of Attila the Hun’s palace.  She has a torch in her hands, and flames rise around her.

My imagining depicts a similar scene from the Nox Project.  I think it’s one of the darkest in any of my works.  One of the Seven descends the main stairwell of someone who wronged her.  Flames crawl in at the top right, as the curtains at the stair landing also ignite.  The soldier knows that this action seals her doom, but at the same time she no longer cares.

I actually did all new spec work for this drawing.  The character in question appears a lot in an optional kimono.  However, I had never drawn the armor the character wears here.  This piece also gave me the opportunity to explore other costumes.  There were a lot of cool paintings to choose from, and I may look at those later.

Becoming Burning Wrath is/will be available in:

  • Bookmarks
  • Postcards (5 by 7 inches)
  • Prints (8.5 by 11 inches or 9 by 12 inches in order to match the original)
  • Posters (12 by 18 inches)
  • Big Posters (18 by 24 inches)
  • The original may become available after the gallery

About Comics Vs Art

Comics Vs Art is held at Wild Goose Creative in Columbus, OH.  Most of the artists are local comic makers or cartoonists.  Participating artists reimagine a classic piece of art.   This can be a simple translation of the painting, or its incorporation into a comic.  Some of the comics have been multiple pages, no dialogue, and other cool things!  The gallery is usually in the fall.

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