Chibi Perry Charms and Stickers – Available for Preorder!

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Charms and stickers of a fashionable chibi guy! Ladies.



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Chibi Perry is in the set from my Triune Project.  He also holds the honor of being my first male chibi.  I feel like I captured his personality quite well here.  At the moment I do want him to have more of a ‘come hither’ look.  I think the hair is also a bit much or mismatched.


I want to do a more realistic rendition later.

Charms – 1 1/2 inch clear acrylic charms.  The charms the art repeating on two sides.  Will come with a lobster clasp strap for attaching to all sorts of stuff!

Stickers – 3 inch die cut stickers.  This means the sticker is cut to its shape.  Made of vinyl and durable!

Purchase both together for a discounted price!

Expected arrival if goal met: Summer 2019


Charms will go out in a reinforced bubble mailer.

Stickers will go out in a reinforced envelope and wrapped up for protection.

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Charm, Sticker, Charm & Sticker

Size Chart

Charms Stickers
Inches 1 ½ by 1 ½ 3 by 3
Metric (cm) 3.6 by 3.6 7.6 by 7.6
Primary Material Acrylic Vinyl