Cinnamon Shape Ornaments (Columbus, Ohio Pickup Only!)

$2.49 Excl. Tax



These cinnamon shape ornaments are handmade from a natural recipe using applesauce and spices.  This collection contains basic or year round shapes like apples, stars, and country hearts.

Each ornament has a hole punched inside, and comes with a tied ribbon of your chosen color.  I can also make the ornaments without tying a ribbon on.  Each one is between two to four inches in width and height.

Please note, these contain glue and are NOT edible!  This recipe uses non-toxic glue, but it is best to keep these away from those who may eat them.

Keep in mind that these ornaments are available by local pickup only!  Due to their fragile nature they may not survive shipping.  I live in the Columbus, OH area.  However, we can arrange pickup at Conrads College Gifts on Ohio State Campus.

Do you want a customized shape or decorative icing design?  Large order?  Contact me if you would like to make a large or complex order!

You can renew the scent of the ornaments with a light scratch or a cinnamon oil spray.