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An upcoming illustration featuring two girls coming together in a gentle touch.

Part of Evolving Pre Order.  Pledge and help this come to life!



Embrace (title pending) is an upcoming original illustration.  The goal is to achieve a tender illustration, that may or may not have eerie undertones.  I drew the original drawing in Medibang on my tablet.  It has gone through a couple clean ups, and I think it is ready for paint!

I was originally going to go with a cloudy mauve background in the beginning.  However, I wanted to take it a giant step forward and put the girls in a garden.  It is likely going to be a little blurry, but I hope the detail comes through.  I actually picked up some rocks to use for reference.

I’m not sure what the inspiration is for this illustration.  I might have had a certain PS2 survival horror game on the mind, with a dash of Utena.

Embrace is part of the Evolving Preorder program!  This is similar to a Kickstarter.  Fans can purchase a product at any point during the rendering of the image.  They are then encouraged to follow the image on Instagram, this product page, or Twitch.  They can even drop input, suggestions, or color or pattern design ideas.

A 1.875 inch by 6 inch bookmark, on cardstock and laminated on both sides. Includes a hole for a string.
A 5 inch by 7 inch print. Photo paper or cardstock.
Usually 8.5 by 11 inches (some sizes vary), heavy paper or cardstock. Usually matte.
Sizes vary. All new posters will be 12 by 18 or 13 by 19 and cardstock or art stock.

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