Free on the Dunes


An illustration of two women enjoying the open space of a sand dune.  The cool colors of their clothing contrast against the heat of the sand.

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Free on the Dunes features two women enjoying the sun from a sand dune.  A highlight is the radiant blue sky.  The two have very different personalities.  I wanted to bring that out in their clothing and posture.

This one sat on my computer for quite a while before I finally colored it. The original design was a little different but I wanted it to be colorful and fun. I actually made the paisley pattern on the more pink cloth in Clip Studio and converted it to a seamless pattern.

I hope to expand on the source idea behind Free on the Dunes soon!  The idea behind the set is what I picture listening to a certain game’s soundtrack.

Prints and bookmarks are currently available!  Big posters should be coming up soon.

5 by 7 inch postcards and 12 by 18 inch posters are on a preorder basis.  These are heavy matte cardstock.

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Bookmark Blue Veil, Bookmark Pink Veil, Postcard, Print, Poster

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