Greeting Dawn

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Greeting Dawn is an upcoming illustration.  It is the spiritual remake of At Sunrise.  The goal is for it to resemble a Blu-Ray movie quality cell.

This illustration is currently part of Evolving Pre Order.  Purchase helps fund the illustration get printed upon publish.  Buyers can also provide input and get more access than regular social media followers.



Greeting Dawn is currently part of Evolving Pre Order since it is still a draft.  Purchasing, or pledging to, the illustration helps it become physical reality.  Buyers can also provide input and get more access than regular social media followers.  Let’s watch it evolve together!

Greeting Dawn is a spiritual remake of At Sunrise from the Triune Project.  Isabella is sitting on top of a building as a pale sun rises in the horizon.

The end goal is for it to look like a Blu-Ray film still.  I think that in order to do it right I will map out my lighting first.  A lot of research is going to go into it.  I have a certain studio in mind for the lighting effects.

The painting video will be here when it’s up on my YouTube Channel!

Projected Availability

  • Bookmarks – Laminated and super thick cardstock.  Comes with a hole near the top for a tassel or string.
  • Postcards – Matte lightweight cardstock.  It will be seven (7) inches wide and five (5) inches tall.
  • Prints – Matte lightweight cardstock.  It will be eleven (11) inches wide and eight and a half (8 1/2) inches tall.
  • Poster – Matte lightweight cardstock.  It will be eighteen (18) inches wide and twelve (12) inches tall.
  • Big Poster – Premium matte art or cardstock.  It will be twenty four (24) inches wide and eighteen (18) inches tall.  The paper may have some lustre to it.

Because this is still in development availability and prices are subject to change.  Any orders containing a canceled item will be refunded.

Please note, Printful fulfills orders of the big poster.  There is a two (2) to seven (7) day fulfillment time before it is sent out.  The big poster may come in a large shipping tube.  It may arrive separate from the rest of your order.  Rush job fees and an increase in shipping for expediting shipping may apply.  Thank you for understanding.

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Bookmarks Buttons Postcards Prints Posters Big Posters
Inches 1 ½ by 6 2 ½ Circle 7 by 5 11 by 8 ½ 18 by 12 24 by 18
Metric (cm) 3.6 by 17.8 6.4 Circle 17.8 by 12.7 27.9 by 21.6 45.7 by 30.5 61 by 45.7
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