In The Rain

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In the Rain is a somber charcoal drawing from March 2012.  It is a turning point in the first arc of my Triune series.  It features prominent arc character Ekali.  She’s wearing her armor, which is an upgrade concept.

I remember finding a couple hours one day to test out new charcoal pencils.  Charcoal is my favorite medium for black and white drawing.

My favorite part was probably the pool of water collecting at the character’s feet.

Since the scene changed a little bit there are a few details that are different.  I want to remake it soon.  Whenever I do it will be in charcoal.  I am still debating a color version.

Only prints are available, but bookmarks were also popular.  These are in letter size or international A4.  They are on a matte light cardstock.

This is a Last Chance item.  However, I can make special orders for those interested.

Rigid mailers are used to send out prints.  Additionally prints come in a protective sleeve.

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