Modern Kimono Princess 1

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A piece of artwork featuring a fashionable girl in purple kimono.  Overall there is a very subdued color scheme.  Printed on textured cardstock as available.



Kimono Princess 1 features a contemporary fashion style.  Kimono Hime (link goes to Immortal Geisha), or Kimono Princess comes from a magazine.  The idea is to wear bold kimono with various frilly accessories. The method or rules of wear, or kitsuke, is also different.  It favors a broader collar and different wear of obi as applicable.  It seems to give the wearer a younger but classier look.

The first print in a series I want to do.  I am still considering how large I want the collection to be.  At the moment I have two more I am planning.  I want these to feel like old fashion magazine covers.  Therefore, I chose textured cardstock to add a vintage look.

**Please note!** Postcards and posters of Modern Kimono Princess 1 are currently on pre order basis. Please give these an extra 2-3 weeks or so to ship out. Prints are available immediately, and can be shipped out at no extra charge or shipped with the waiting items.

Due to differences in paper sizes international equivalents are approximate.

  • Postcard is 5 inches tall and 7 inches wide, roughly B6
  • Print is 8.5 inches tall and 11 inches wide, Letter or A4 size
  • Poster is 12 inches tall and 18 inches wide, roughly A3

Paper Type and Shipping

  • Printed on heavy felt texture cardstock
  • Shipped inside a flap enclosure clear bag
  • Shipped inside of a rigid mailer.

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