Icy Glare – Original

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A lineless portrait of a woman laying cross armed in a white kimono.

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The original Icy Glare.  An impactful original piece of a woman in a white kimono. The center point is her emotional blue eyes. She’s surrounded by a border of frost and ice. The original border has a heavier, contrasted look like chunks of white ice. A new border, designed a few years afterward, has a more feathery appearance similar to frost on a window.

This was my signature piece at my table during Ohayocon 2012. I have recently retouched it with an updated kimono design and a cleaner look.

Postcards and posters have both borders available as an option.

The print is only available with the old border.

Due to differences in paper sizes international equivalents are approximate.

  • Postcard is 5 inches tall and 7 inches wide, roughly B6
  • Print is 8.5 inches tall and 11 inches wide, Letter or A4 size
  • Old border is 14 1/3 inches wide and 11 inches tall (almost International A3) on cover weight semi-gloss, new border is 17 1/4 inches wide and 11 1/4 inches tall (closer to International A3) poster stock

Paper Type and Shipping

  • Shipped inside a flap closure clear bag
  • Shipped inside of a rigid mailer.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions N/A
Product Type

Postcard, Print, Poster

Border Style

Original, Remake

Size Chart

Bookmarks Buttons Postcards Prints Posters Big Posters
Inches 1 ½ by 6 2 ½ Circle 7 by 5 11 by 8 ½ 14 ⅓ by 11 (old) 17 ¼ by 11 ¼ (new) 24 by 18
Metric (cm) 3.6 by 17.8 6.4 Circle 17.8 by 12.7 27.9 by 21.6 36.4 by 27.9 (old) 43.8 by 28.6 (new) 61 by 45.7
Intl Paper N/A N/A (B6) (A4) (A3) (A2)
Width by height (paper size as applicable), metric measurements or international paper sizes are approximate.