Ou-Mi Laptop Sleeve

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The Ou-Mi Laptop Sleeve is an extra layer of protection for your laptop!  It features my original anime print of the same name, of a woman in a black kimono.  It is a night image, with the moon and off-screen water casting a glow on her.  The kimono shows a small hint of a pine motif.

The sleeve features the art from the print of the same name.

Carry your laptop with a style! This high quality sleeve protects it from scratches and minor impacts. Printed on one side with black rear, edging and zip it’s an elegant and stylish companion from day to day. Comes in three sizes: 12, 13, and 15 inches.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Top loading zipper
  • Black polyester back
  • Lightweight
  • NB! Always check the measurement table for the correct size choice

Measure your laptop diagonally to find your size and ensure the best fit.  Refer to the sizing chart. It may not hurt to size up if you have a thicker laptop.

Spoke, a Printify partner, handles orders of the Ou-Mi Laptop Sleeve.  This includes printing, packing, shipping, and returns or refunds. The sleeve may take two (2) days to print before it ships out. Expedited shipping may be available, fees may apply.

Care Instructions: Use warm water and dish soap to clean spots off your sleeve. It’s not necessary to soak the whole sleeve. Hang or lay flat, flipping from time to time, to dry. Check label for machine drying instructions, if applicable. For hard to clean spots use a soft bristled brush like an old toothbrush.

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