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A portrait of a woman with long blonde hair and judging blue eyes.  Two types of lighting options available.



Miss Ou-Mi is officially off Evolving Pre Order, and in primary pre order!

Miss Ou-Mi started out as a tiny sketch in a notebook during class.  A different drawing for a print was made later and… it didn’t do as well as I had hoped.

This is ‘Portrait of Vanity II’ in a way, but it is the one I should have made to begin with.

I keep coming back to this little drawing, and it has shown up in some signage.  I think it really shows the character’s personality before her major life changes.  This is her before she becomes Michiko.

The art features a woman with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.  She is in a black kimono with a pine motif.  A Tachibana crest, to the best of my research, is visible on her back.  Water from below and the moon above light her face

Miss Ou-Mi is part of a set of portraits for the Nox project.  Each of these special seven have their own leitmotifs.  I was trying to make super awesome portraits to use as their covers.  This is part of the end goal for this one.

Expected available items include:

  • Postcard – Formatted to fit 5 inches tall by 7 inches wide
  • Print – Formatted to fit 8 1/2 inches tall by 11 inches wide
  • Poster – Formatted to fit 12-13 inches tall by 18-19 inches wide
  • Big Poster (Printful fulfills big posters) – Formatted to fit 18 inches tall by 24 inches wide

As of right now all items are on pre order.  Items will be shipped as soon as they are available.  The big poster is available now through Printful.  Expect a wait time of two (2) to seven (7) days or so before it ships to you!

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Postcard, Print, Poster, Big Poster

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Bookmarks Buttons Postcards Prints Posters Big Posters
Inches 1 ½ by 6 2 ½ Circle 7 by 5 11 by 8 ½ 18 by 12 24 by 18
Metric (cm) 3.6 by 17.8 6.4 Circle 17.8 by 12.7 27.9 by 21.6 45.7 by 30.5 61 by 45.7
Intl Paper N/A N/A (B6) (A4) (A3) (A2)
Width by height (paper size as applicable), metric measurements or international paper sizes are approximate.

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