Repeating Paisley Pattern Base



A digital file of a paisley pattern.  It is seamless and usable in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, or other software.  In addition it is also usable for fabrics.

This is the pattern I created for ‘Free on the Dunes!’ In a similar fashion I have made other patterns since.

I want to share it as a free resource.  The download includes a small tutorial on how I made it seamless.

A video version is also available.  Link opens in YouTube

This is a forever-free downloadable item!

Included Files:
    • paisley.psd
      • Original lineart layer
      • Original colors layer
      • The seamless pattern layer
      • Neutral background layer
    • Pattern images
      • Before seamless modification (.png)
      • After seamless modification (.png)
      • After seamless modification with a neutral background (.jpg)
    • Modifying an image for a seamless pattern (.txt)
    • Usage reminder (.txt)

Permissions (Creative Commons – Share Alike)

You are allowed to:
  • Use the pattern for personal, commercial, private, and public works
  • Modify, add, or remove the pattern colors and motifs
    • Most important- keep the edges in mind
    • Creating edge notches helps
  • Distribute your version to others under the same share and modification rules
  • Use the included tutorial to guide yourself on more patterns
You are NOT allowed to:
  • Claim the pattern, original or your modified version, as your own
  • Sell the original pattern or any modified versions you create
Not required, but appreciated:
  • A simple credit with optional link back
    • Pattern by: a-ka-neArt (Ann Foerster) c. 2017, share and use alike

More on the Creative Commons program: