Sister Cats

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A watercolor portrait of a pair of cat girls.  The inspiration comes from a pair of cat sisters in my area.  I got the desire to make the painting after I noticed their opposite blue and gold eyes.



Sister Cats takes inspiration from a pair of cats in my neighborhood.  I assume they are sisters.  The two of them have pure white coats and the cutest squeaks.  At one point they may have been strays, but at least one has a home now.  The other girl likes to sunbathe on cars.

What fascinates me about the sisters is their eyes.  One eye is light blue when the other is amber gold.  Their eyes are also opposite of each other.  I read later that in these cases the ear of the blue side may be deaf.  It got me thinking of the two of them, side by side, listening to each other.

Their personalities also come through in this painting.  Unfortunately the larger sister is a little bully when food is involved.  However, she is very outgoing.  She is the first to approach people.  Her little sister is considerably timid.  She usually needs to see her sister is safe to come out.  She is also very affectionate.  They keep themselves soft and clean.  I was thinking of putting them in kimono, but I decided against it in favor of cute jumper dresses.

Watercoloring made me nervous.  I have this habit where I use too much pigment.  However, I have been practicing my mark making.  Lines are a sumi wash.

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