So We’re Making a Comic! – Physical or Download

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So We’re Making a Comic!

This was my first ever serious attempt at a graphic novel.  The production period was my second to last semester in school.  An independent study or thesis project was part of my graduation requirement.

I have a long standing dream of getting a graphic novel off the ground.  This went on to replace ‘Syrens’ as the practice comic.  It is pretty obvious, for better or for worse, that I was working around a job and classes at the time.  However, I was able to make a 16 page thing in full color!  Mic drop!

The premise is that a fictional me tries starting the Black Night arc of Nox Aeternitatis/Eien no Yoru without any prep work.  My friends, notably ‘Karl’ (requested name change), helps set me on the right track.  He gives me reference material in extreme ‘Otaku no Video’ fashion.  I don’t think I have any commentary about this project, but I actually had the pages all thumbed before I even penciled the first page.

I swear.

This is available in two formats: physical and digital.

  • Physical – Printed on letter size (8 1/2 by 11 inch) and folded hamburger style or across.  Semi-glossy cover.
  • Digital
    • Original – The original PDF I made for the printer.  Against my better judgement, and due to SAI’s weird typing tool, I used handwriting for all of the text in the comic.
    • Font – I went over my pages over the course of a few nights.  I added font over the handwriting.  It is much easier to read.

The PDF downloads are Forever Free.  I went through checkout myself to test the system to ensure a smooth experience.  No payment information will be, or should be, requested.

You can read more about So We’re Making a Comic! and my plans for a sequel of sorts HERE!  Someday, I may try to do this one again with more cohesion and better art.


Please, do not post this anywhere for free or for profit credited or uncredited.

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