At the moment I have three manga projects I want to do, and one small test that has been completed and printed. I wouldn’t doubt that I’d have other, smaller stories on the side later. A lot of these I’ve been working on since high school, or even earlier. I have a hard time making art that doesn’t involve one of the characters within it, or something once original becomes a character.

Each story section has a brief synopsis with some small facts about the story.

Nox Aeternitatis

Nox Aeternitatis or 永遠の夜 (Eien no Yoru) translates roughly to “Eternal Night” (or so I’ve been told).  It’s almost a revival of something I worked on when I was about ten to twelve. Nox Aeternitatis has definitely had a lot more work put in to it.

Nox is a exploration of genres and a celebration of what has made me who I am today as a creative person.  I think it is also the main project where I’m adding things I couldn’t fit in to Triune.

So We’re Making a Comic!

So We’re Making a Comic! was worked on from January 2013 to roughly mid-March of 2013. In total it has fourteen story pages with a commentary page and a page listing people who helped financially with printing and such. I made it for an independent studies class.

It can be read either on my deviantArt or on tapastic. Copies are also available in the store while they last. I’ll do a second print if demand is high enough.

 So We’re Making a Comic! – The Sequel

I wanted to do something akin to this for a while.  It’s going to be my project and personal guinea pig until Syrens is under way.

I will be posting the first few pages on my art sites, but the comic itself will be available on Tapastic when I feel enough content is ready.


A few seemingly connected dreams became this action thriller.  I have an actual team helping me with writing and gear on this one.  This is one of two projects I want to get to soon.  Most of my research has gone towards this one including reading, film, and watching airsoft videos.


If I would call any of my manga projects my ‘baby,’ it would be Triune.  I don’t think I’m going to start this one until Syrens is over and I feel comfortable with the scale of the project.

The story itself has had a number of arcs added, removed, compressed, stretched out, and everything. The earliest arc takes place in the biblical era, and later arcs occur in other favorite historical eras of mine. Lastly, there’s a jump to the future for a sci-fi finale. I’ve been working on a way to bring it all together. Historical fiction was a favorite read of mine as a kid and it stuck.

To those who may want to write their own stories

Work on your story and be passionate for it! The end product won’t have any life if you can’t get in to it. It may take a long time and a lot of drafts. I’ve been developing Triune since I was about twelve or fourteen. I feel I still have a lot of story and character development to smooth out. Start with the ending or start where you know there’s action and find reasonable ways to bridge the two events. Sometimes things do magically fall in to place.

If I ever do a panel at a con or anything I would tell people “make people, not characters.” Why? Characters can easily fall in to tropes and stereotypes. Each person is unique and reacts to things in different ways based on their upbringing.  It’s rumored that some directors or writers will spend more time developing the characters and their story before getting to the main story.  Also, try to avoid following stale stories or something that’s been done already. It’s okay to draw inspiration from your favorite artists or writers, but never directly borrow. It’s your job to take what inspired you and give it a fresh and unique flavor that’s all your own.  Then again, a little mindless fluff isn’t always so bad.

In the end you have to practice and share with as many people as you can. New eyes will find all of the kinks in a story and may help you resolve them. However, be adamant about retaining as much of your story as you can. I had a lot of issues with this in earlier parts of my life since I’m a bit of an introvert and it was hard to find anime fans in my hometown. If you have access to a club, show it to some people who may also be doing a story or some English majors. If you know a trusted site ask for reviews online. Just make sure you know and trust them first.

Good luck!