Nox Aeternitatis

Nox Aeternitatis stems from something I messed around with from when I was about 10 years old to 12 or 13.  It’s somewhat similar to where ‘A Glimmer’ goes.  It was a self-insert fictional tale where I started at about 13 years of age.  It starts with me sneaking away from home and meeting my first team member nearby.

If I recall correctly the whole thing spanned a couple decades.  I went around with a small team collecting essences of energy.  There were a few that were the token user or holder of this energy.  We went around and battled evil.  It was very basic and had more characters than I knew what to do with.

Triune was actually born very shortly before I grew out of this one.  I had yet to really get in to it, though.

Started development in: 2005/6


Nox is broken in to a few main arcs.  A small bit of each one is below.

Black Night- An ode to the detective and noir genres.  Jack Morris is hired to protect a fledgling singer by her instructor and manager.  She proves to be a handful on her own without the threat of kidnappers.  Jack’s aided on the job by Sarah, an officer for the local police.  Tony owns Jack’s usual watering hole, where he clears his head.  A tragic turn of events forces Jack to leave the gritty familiarity of the city.  A dark past is revealed.  Not everyone is as they seem.

Dusk Descends- Past mistakes continue to be made while various worlds and societies work towards the future.  Jack, now cursed with immortality, must help others called by destiny or forced from the life they knew.  He focuses on the enigmatic Bethany in hopes she can help him find his daughter.  He cannot save everyone.

A Glimmer- A world has been destroyed!  Margot and others are now stranded in strange new places.  Old ghosts return to aid or haunt the new destined ones.  Margot accidentally wins against a cursed foe, unaware of what she has done for herself and others.  As time goes by she forms a team in search of six sacred beings and the remaining six cursed ones that unlock their power.  Another team works against them in search of power.  Can the displaced survivors find a new place to call home?  Can they prevent new worlds from the same fate?

Personal Notes

The working title is Nox Aeternitatis though I may go with the Japanese equivalent of 永遠の夜 (eien no yoru).  The rough translation is ‘Eternal Night.’  During that time I desperately tried to find a fitting name for it. Much like Triune the first arc that will be published is nowhere near the first arc to be thought of.

The plot is nowhere near as developed as Triune‘s but a basic outline is in place. Coming up with a strong overarching villain has proven to be a tad difficult.  Arc specific ones have had a lot of development.

The first arc, the alluded to “Black Night” from So We’re Making a Comic!, was thought up during a walk back from the grocery store. The hastily written intro went up on facebook and people started asking for more. I did get around to writing more, but it hasn’t been updated online.

The first arc I came up with was part of ‘A Glimmer.’  Jack’s “Black Night” arc came next, followed by the development of the Seven and characters.

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