Syrens is my dive into dystopian sci-fi.  I was starting to build the backstory when similar events started unfolding.  The world almost feels a little too real at the moment.  However, I feel like it needs to be made.

Started development in: September 2009

Team members: Jacob Tinlin (Writer), Rick Reinhold (Props and Tactics Adviser)

Sometimes story assistants: Katie Hamilton, Andrew Repp


A world is recovering from a massive conflict and global depression.  A science and engineering institution has funds and their own land to develop better means of producing food and energy.  A classified disaster causes the island to evacuate.  A ragtag team of militants are brought in to help survey the land and protect some employees as they recover data and hopefully the island.  They eventually find a few people that were left behind.  These survivors warn of strange noises on certain nights.

Personal Notes

Out of my main three manga projects, Syrens is the youngest. I only came up with this one in the fall of 2009 after I had a few dreams that seemed to connect loosely. This would have been my first comic and test had I not made So We’re Making a Comic!. A friend of mine, the real-life Jake from SWMaC!, is assisting with writing on the story. He is an English graduate from Ohio State University and his specialty is gritty old-school science fiction. I figured this would be right up his alley, would help him with experience and exposure, and give me more time to focus on the artwork. In all honesty I was worried about making the character’s flat or the story nonsensical, so I’m happy to have a writer on this one.

Syrens will probably also be the first one I’ll try making merchandise for aside from my usual prints and bookmarks. I’m trying to get back in to modeling so I can 3D-print some of the creatures in the story.  They could look pretty cool as a figure!

I plan on starting this one as soon as things settle down and Jake has enough material for me.  A lot of the character art from the original drafts needs to be redone. This is especially after Jake changed some of the characters around, but they seem to work better.  I expect a pleasant overhaul, though. I’m expecting this to be whatever a standard movie length would be in comic terms, but I think two or three volumes sound about right. I’m glad I took some film studies courses since it has helped tremendously!

I plan on having this one available for print and online through the site and other comic reading platforms.

Associated Art: