Triune takes place in a fantasy world with a historical progression similar to ours.  It is my most developed story to date, but I’m still trying to smooth out the wrinkles.  I plan on doing some smaller projects first since Triune intimidates me a bit.

Started development in: 2001/2


The story is a conflict between gods and the struggles of the ones that get caught between it. These people are involved either by force, family obligation, or they may have volunteered.

Beginnings- In the beginning, there were only gods.  After a suspicious event some want to create their own realm.  Burhi is created, but at some terrible moral costs.  The gods that broke away create humans and magic users to exist in this world.  However, some of the gods that remained in the old realm are displeased.  They send a magic user of their own.  After that one fails, a more powerful creation is sent.  The conflict soon turns from between the gods to the mortals associated with them.  The non-magic populace is caught in the middle of it all.

Conflict- Centuries have passed.  The two main families of magic users have nearly forgotten about each other. One is in power but refuses to rule with an iron fist.  For a while, things seem like past transgressions will go away.  Then a mysterious figure comes promising power and immortality.

Revolution- An island queen comes to the mainland after an invasion.  She finds sanctuary in a valley town housing a rebellion.  However, one of the townsfolk has been hiding a secret that may lead to victory.  Nearby a forgotten manor has new residents.  The old curse must be reversed before more victims are taken.  From there the future is uncertain.  Only an immortal may know.

In the end I love many of the characters in this one.  I wish I could apologize to them for what they go through.

Personal Notes

This is the oldest and longest running of the story projects I’ve kept with over the years.  The original overarching title I had was ‘Broken/Shattered Earth’ until the deities came to be.  It was then titled ‘The Three Sisters.’  Some time after that, I believe in about 2004/5, the title finally became ‘Triune.’

I tend to try a new technique, software, or game with character creation with someone from this series. I’ve only recently gotten back in to doing art for this one. Much of the art is from 2008 or earlier. Unfortunately the earliest art got thrown out by stupid thirteen-year-old me except for one thing. My biggest character creation phase was from then to about fifteen. After that I calmed down and focused on making centralized casts for the different arcs.

The first arc that came in to existence has no published art.  It does take place on an island visited in ‘Beginnings,’ though.  ‘Wescott Manor’ is based on some dreams (again) I had between 12-14 years old or the like.  I don’t know if I thought it would be fun or cool, or if it was a way for me to get over how scared I felt.  Some of the dreams were very neat, though.

The precursor to the Nox Project was going on a year or two before I got this one going back in 2001 or 2002.  I believe this one took over as my main story within a year or two.  The primary reason was I grew out of the Nox Precursor being a tween self insert fanfic.

Associated art