So We’re Making a Comic!

So We’re Making a Comic was my first comic ever printed! I made it as part of an independent thesis class my second to last semester in college. Every page is in full color, made in Paint Tool SAI.

Started development in: January 2013

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SWMaC! is a fictional comic making adventure.  I try starting Nox Aeternitatis (this was before it got officially named) but went in blind. In other words, I did no prior character art, plot synopsis, scripts, or any of the other crucial parts. My friends in anime club, essentially my only human interaction outside of class, keep me sane and try to help out. I also try to throw in some common artist errors and inside jokes.  It ends with the first volume of the first arc, “Black Night”, printed and on store shelves.

Personal Notes

I know it’s far from perfect in terms of the art staying on model and the high improbability of getting a first comic printed within the first few publishers it’s sent to. However, a lot of people said my angles, framing, and pacing were all spot on for the limits I was given. It’s also the most simple artwork I hope I ever have to publish.

The real-life version of Karl, the one who supplies me with all of the help books, looked over it as he does with almost all of my artwork. His one thing was that instead of hitting me with the books (cruel and I don’t know why I did it) I should have been buried in what he gives me.

Associated Art

The Sequel

Started development in: August 2014


The plot will continue over from SWMaC! even though it will be grounded more in reality.  My upgraded appearance will come from a gaming channel I tried out (and hope to get back to eventually).  There will be some fantastical events, real life updates, random shorts that may be recurring, and test chapters or small stories I don’t think would stand on their own.  So…  I guess it’s a fictional and nonfictional autobiography with random skits and anthologies?

CyberGirls (Name Pending) – I was thinking of making something akin to a cyberpunk with this one.  I was also imagining the main cast as a sort of sentai group, but with computers.  I’m still thinking of a plot, but I have a general sense of how the group gets formed.

Genre Bend – While the Triune characters do have their world, I still wanted to have fun with them.  What if or alternate universe sections would not work.  These are side stories that play with the characters or expand on their personalities.  I also wanted to work with how characters would interact that would otherwise never meet.

A friend of mine puts it like this, another story ‘playing with toys from Triune’s toy chest.’

Mr. Snail and Friends – A yonkoma format posting about my original animal character.  Mr. Snail, and the original rendition as Papa Snail, meet other snail friends.  Meanwhile, they go on all sorts of adventures.  Rather than being from his town, they are from all over the world.  The jokes will be compiled of puns and cultural sayings.

Yonkoma – A short format gag or joke comic made of four panels on a page.

Personal Notes

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.  Even when the larger projects are under way I may come back to this one to wind down.  Test chapters or what didn’t get in Nox or Triune may also end up here.  A lot of these will be running at the same time.

Afterward I will publish and print these separately.