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About the Shop

A-ka here! This shop has all of my original prints, and some made to order apparel and more!

When you purchase from this direct shop, you are doing more than supporting a small artist. Purchases help support local businesses and Doctors Without Borders! You are also supporting the environment as I reuse good packing materials. Future shipping supplies will come from EcoEnclose or similar environmentally conscious sellers. Links opens to an external site on a new tab.

Coming soon: A section for upcoming associate and fellow artist YamiSionnach! She offers free flat rate shipping. Be sure to click it in checkout. Custom orders are available for many of her offerings.

You can contact me about any questions not on this page. The FAQ may include it later.

Security runs a valid SSL Certificate and manages shop payments through secure payment gateways. Transactions go through Stripe or Paypal, secure and PCI compliant e-commerce gateways, based on your preference. You may refer to this Paypal FAQ answer or Stripe document on Security for more information. Your browser may save name and address fields. The site may store the last four of your banking or credit card.

We allow guest checkout and customer accounts. Visitors do receive website emails, only about one every week or so, with site updates. There is the option to opt out at any time.

With data and privacy becoming a global concern I am complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All user information is voluntary and can be removed at any time. I will never hand out, share, or sell any information stored on this site. Users will be notified of a breach. Customer data is managed on the Woocommerce platform. For privacy information please refer to their Privacy Policy page.

For further information consult the Privacy Policy page for this site.

What are the common store terms?

What is Artist Direct vs Print on Demand?

Artist Direct is anything that I personally print out, or order from a printer, and ship myself. This includes bookmarks, postcards, prints, most posters, and most stickers.

Print on Demand is anything made to order with assistance from Printful or a Printify partner. Mugs, apparel, laptop sleeves, notebooks, journals, and bags are all made to order. Some larger posters are also made to order.

These two categories have different shipping information, shown below.

What is Pre-order vs ‘Evolving Pre-order?’

Pre-Order is finished artwork awaiting printing of some or all of its available item options.

Evolving Pre-order‘ is for supporting artwork as it is being created. Check back often, catch Twitch streams, or be on the lookout on my Instagram to watch the art evolve! Orders will go out when the finished work is stocked. User input is encouraged! Think of it as a tiny Kickstarter project.

Both forms of pre-orders help fund the materials or printing purchases to stock up and fulfill orders.

Back Order

Items (usually Artist Direct) that are part of the active lineup, but are temporarily out of stock. They are in back order status until stock comes back in. There is usually multiple notices during the checkout process to inform you if something is on back order.

What are the different options available for prints?

Artwork is available as a pin-back button/pin, bookmark, postcard, print, or poster. Some items are not available for some artwork.

A rundown of sizes and materials:


Bookmarks Buttons Postcards Prints Posters Big Posters
Inches 1 ½ by 6 2 ½ Circle 7 by 5 11 by 8 ½ 18 by 12 24 by 18
Metric (cm) 3.6 by 17.8 6.4 Circle 17.8 by 12.7 27.9 by 21.6 45.7 by 30.5 61 by 45.7
Intl Paper N/A N/A (B6) (A4) (A3) (A2)


Bookmarks Buttons Postcards Prints Posters Big Posters
Inches 1 ½ by 6 2 ½ Circle 5 by 7 8 ½ by 11 12 by 18 18 by 24
Metric (cm) 3.6 by 17.8 6.4 Circle 12.7 by 17.8 21.6 by 27.9 30.5 by 45.7 45.7 by 61
Intl Paper N/A N/A (B6) (A4) (A3) (A2)


Bookmarks Buttons Postcards Prints Posters Big Posters
Inches 1 ½ by 6 2 ½ Circle 6 8 ½ 15 21
Metric (cm) 3.6 by 17.8 6.4 Circle 17.8 21.6 38.1 53.3

Square measurements may change with notice.

Charms and Stickers

Charms Stickers
Inches 1 ½ by 1 ½ 3 by 3
Metric (cm) 3.6 by 3.6 7.6 by 7.6
Primary Material Acrylic Vinyl

Width by height (paper size as applicable), metric measurements or international paper sizes are approximate. Older artwork may have varying print and poster sizes. Be sure to check specific product pages for their measurements.

Many prints from before 2017 are printed on heavy matte cover weight paper. This weight paper is heavier than standard office paper. It curves but is still somewhat sturdy. Some postcards are printed on heavy matte paper, possibly card stock,,and others are printed on photo paper. Mid-2017 to present items are made with heavy matte card stock, as applicable.

Special Ordering

I don’t see (insert artwork here) as a certain item. Can I still get it?

Absolutely! Custom orders will have a processing time similar to a pre-order item (2-5 weeks) before shipping. Some items can be sent to you direct from my print supplier. Simply contact me and I can set up an invoice for you and discuss framing or scale. Small items may be incorporated into orders for new items.

Please note that I will not do custom orders from the commissioned artwork of others.

An item I want/ordered is out of stock. Is there a way I can still get it?

Yes! The site manages inventory and I strive to make the count as accurate as possible. Many items default to going on back order, which means it will be restocked within 2-4 weeks. There will be a message at the top of your screen in your cart or during checkout. All items except for Last Chance items have back order enabled.

My order contains in stock Artist Direct items and Pre-Order or Back Order items. What are my options?

You have two choices for shipping if there are in stock and pre-order items in your order:

  • In stock items can go out right away with pre-order items shipping for free upon arrival.
  • I can hold the in stock items and send the entire order out together when the waiting items arrive.

I will contact you if an item in your order ran out. I can refund the order, exchange with a similar item, or make expedite a new printing. This should be a rare occurrence.


What kind of packaging is an order sent out in?

I send orders in regular envelopes, flat bubble or rigid mailers, and sometimes tubes. Sealed flap enclosure bags protect from water. These are low key but will not always fit inside of a mailbox. They may be propped up against the door or hidden under a mat or similar item on your porch.

Made to order items may come in plain boxes or tubes. Some may have prominent printer branding. Some of these made to order items may have packaging examples in their product photos.

Where do Artist Direct orders ship from?

Artist Direct orders ship from Columbus, OH, near the Ohio State University campus area. I use the US Postal Service. All orders include tracking information. Artist Direct totals that reach $25 will be insured, as well.

I offer free shipping on Artist Direct products (my prints, bookmarks, posters, ect.) on orders that reach $50. Clothing items, mugs, notebooks, and other print on demand products count towards this total. However, they are not eligible for free shipping at this time. Be sure to select free shipping for Artist Direct.

I live near OSU, Clintonville, Grandview, Downtown, ect. or I will be at/near the same event as you. Can I pick my order up?

Absolutely! Local customers have free pickup or standard shipping available. We can arrange a meeting at a location near campus or my address. I can also hold orders at my table for pick up during events. Remember to have a printout of your order confirmation and/or ID.

Please note this is only for Artist Direct orders. Shipping will be refunded in the case a charge was made.

Where do Print on Demand or Made to Order items ship from?

Items Printful or Printify fulfill will come from California (Printful) or Georgia (SPOKE with Printify), or other manufacturing locations. Some of Printful’s backup locations include Mexico and Latvia. (This may be different for the duration of Covid-19.)

When will I get my order?

Please note! Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and the stupid, purposeful, and destructive restructuring of USPS services, products may be delayed! Please expect a longer shipping time that may take a few weeks.

Artist Direct

Items in stock will be shipped out within 1-3 business days. Domestic orders will take 1-6 days or more when received by the post office. International orders may take 2-7 weeks, or more. Items that are temporarily out or on pre-order status may take an extra 2-4 weeks for a new inventory shipment.

Print on Demand or Made to Order

Made to order items average 2 to 7 days for production. The shipping length is about a few days to a week or so based on location. It may take longer or shorter depending on location, the time of year, and demand.

International Orders

Be ready to claim orders at customs. Unclaimed packages at customs is a common reason for failure to deliver. I will do my best to notify you if customs required a form. All international buyers are responsible for associated fees.

Please try to order sooner than you may need if possible.

Common Shipping Issues

Please note! The US Postal Service or the carrier in your area should be your first contact after I send the order. I only have access to tracking information and will recommend you contact the USPS or local carrier customer service. International orders should contact their local service and/or customs. Sometimes carriers mark items as out for delivery or delivered before they actually are as such. I will handle insurance claims (if there is one) to create an exchange.

Your Shipping Address

Please confirm during checkout you put in your current address correctly! I may confirm addresses with new customers or a customer returning after a long time. There are no address changes except in the event of a typo or old address on the invoice. If you need to change your address I will refund and cancel your current order. A new order must be placed with the new address. I will only ship to residential addresses. I will not ship to any third parties, forwarding or re-shipping services, or warehouses. International sanction laws also apply. I will refund and cancel orders going to sanctioned countries or re-shippers.

Failure to Deliver

Your local carrier will return your order to the seller if the delivery cannot be made. This could be because of a wrong address, rejection, or no one to claim it. Please contact your carrier first, as they may hold the package at a local facility for a few days before returning to the seller. Artist Direct items will come back to me in Columbus, OH. Print on Demand items will return to the original printing facility.

I will contact you if your order is returned to me or the Print on Demand production center. I will ask to confirm the address and if you would like a refund or another shipping attempt. The buyer is responsible for shipping the order out again.

Lost in Transit

A package is considered lost in transit if it has limited or no entries in the tracking log. A package should not spend more than three (3) or more days at one shipping or processing center.

Please contact me if it is four (4) weeks past the estimated delivery date. I will try to recover the shipment. At the same time you may request a refund or another shipment with new items at seller expense. I will contact the production company of Made to Order items. Printful will cover replacement costs and shipping.

Marked as Delivered but not Received

Sometimes packages are marked as delivered before they have been delivered. The package may also be in a strange spot. Sometimes packages are put at the wrong address.

Please start by contacting your local carrier to see if they may have further details. Your neighbors may also have information. If they cannot provide information, locate your order, or they insist it was delivered, contact me. I will file an insurance claim as applicable. You may request a refund or a new order at seller expense.

Tips to Ensure a Successful Delivery

Make sure your area is secure when your order is close to arrival. Have a friend or family member accept the order if you will not be home. It’s also sometimes good to let a trusted neighbor know you have a package or large envelope on the way. Leave lights and a radio on, or use other methods, to give off the appearance of someone being home. Radio stations that are talk heavy are best. You may also be able to request the carrier hold your order at a facility for in person pick up. If you live in a complex, check with the office desk that they may be holding your order. You may also check in with neighbors if you are still waiting on your order(s).

Returns and Exchanges

Artist Direct

Returns or exchanges are allowed for these situations only:

  • Within two (2) days of receiving your order according to tracking:
    • Order arrived with the product damaged
  • Within ten (10) days of receiving your order according to tracking:
    • Wrong size or Artist Direct item
    • Wrong art
    • Not as expected
    • Low quality print

Please use the original packaging if you can. No worries if you do not have it. Non-defective items must come back in same/ready to sell condition or there will be no refund.

When the item arrives back to me I will make the necessary refund or new shipment. All refunds will go back to the original purchasing account. New shipment will be at seller’s expense so buyers can breathe easy and wait for their new items.

Last Chance, retiring, and oops items are non-refundable.

Is there a guarantee on bookmarks, pins, stickers, and charms?

Non-print based Artist Direct items (bookmarks, pins, stickers, and charms) and special effect prints have a 6 month guarantee. Please contact me if you would like a refund or replacement, shipping paid by me.

Print on Demand or Made to Order

Printful and Printify have their own policies. They may only accept returns or exchanges on defective items or wrong sizes. A return or exchange request must be made within four (4) weeks of receiving your purchase. I will order a new made to order item for you after I or the printer receive the old one.

Business Inquiries

At this time I unfortunately will not do wholesale or licensing for third parties.