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A Look Behind the Website Curtain

Hi! Today I want to talk about my website, more importantly some of the backend stuff that goes on. There is something I want to implement in the near future.

I’m not sure I have written twice in the same month yet, maybe back in May.

First, I want to show you a sad snapshot of my Google Analytics.

Google Analytics snapshot from January 19, 2019.  The website had 28 sessions and a 96.43% bounce rate.
Pretty pathetic…

I have been using Analytics for years but I still can’t tell you how to really unlock its potential. I can look at sources, see where people are coming from, where they are going on the site, and some other things. What my suspicions are, because it has been the case since I integrated Analytics, is a lot of this is bot and crawler traffic. The referral source struggle is still going strong, despite Google’s attempts to fix it.

What worries me the most if the 00:00:01 average session rate. One second. I have no idea if traffic is being properly recorded, or if this is further damage from the crawlers. I have looked on Reddit quite a bit, but I am unable to find very concrete advice.

The site has an SEO (search engine optimization) tool. After a recent post, I came to the realization that making content is more important than optimizing at this time. However, SEO is still an important aspect of the site. I have seen my practice here improve the performance of my pages at work.

Now to my plans!

One time I came across an artist’s website I really liked! I know it is in my bookmarks, but I forget which site it actually was. Many art and photography websites I come across simply utilize a lightbox or post the image.

What I plan on doing is keeping the gallery page itself intact. However, when you click on a thumbnail it will go to a page or page-like overlay. You would see a nice large version of the full image on the left. To the right is the title, materials, category, and some artist notes. Somewhere on the page (I forgot about it making the mockup below) would be share buttons. I want to put its available products below. Finally, I would have thumbnails of the previous gallery item and the next.

A mockup of my gallery plans for the website.
Something I cooked up in InDesign!

I think the biggest obstacle is figuring out how to implement it. It may have to be a combination of plugins, coding, and time. I may consult Reddit on the matter and work in Wamp.

I may try a new SEO tactic called A/B testing. From my understanding you make two versions of your website, page or function. After some time Google Analytics will have reports on whether style A or B performed better. There are plugins and stuff, so I may just need to mock up the alternative gallery.

I think that’s about it! These posts are either super quick or take all day to write.

I still need to do a Valentine’s Day art…

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Been working on art again

I got to hang out with the wonderful, and wonderfully talented, Elentori a while back.  I got to use her Cintiq for a bit.  When I finished the drawing and got the colors in, she did a good chunk of correcting and shading.  I finished it at home.

This was the result:

Helena collab with Elentori
Helena collab with Elentori

The other night I did a spontaneous stream that went for about 3 hours.  I took a small break about 2/3 of the way through to walk and make tea.  I drew another OC, Reya.  I’m going to off-screen or in another stream do corrections and finish it up.

Reya - wip
Reya – wip

She’s already red-lined.  Well, green-lined in this case.

I’m hoping to keep this going, especially with what I plan to get for my tax return.  😉

If I can finally get around to doing it, I will also finally get started on ‘So We’re Making a Comic! – Trying to get A(head)’!  My writer for ‘Syrens’ and myself have been discussing things we can do with the story to give it more character.  He’s suggesting a steampunk world.  It would change the tone I think, but I think a cannon AU would be fun instead.

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Trying to get back in the groove

You can check out a new sketch on my deviantArt or my patreon page!  If you are a patron of at least $5 a month the clean line art will be available for practice.

I’m also doing studies for a commission.  I want to take my time on it since it is for a close friend of the family.  I’m going to dig around for some larger paper tomorrow for the final drawing.  It will be colored digitally.


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New look!


I decided to give WordPress a try after learning how to practice it on a local (personal computer-based) host.  Fairly nice and easy to use.

I have added a few pieces of art in between the design change.  You can check out the gallery to see it!  I also fixed some of the links for socialization and other art sites.  The second drop down from the right is where my artwork is available for purchase.  The rightmost drop down menu has links that the social media menu (bottom of page) didn’t recognize.  This includes my deviantArt, pixiv, and other sites.

Some pages allow comments now and I may try introducing a forum section if traffic increases enough.  I think there are also working forms again!

So, enjoy the new site!  There may be some silly small updates while I clear out the dust and test things.  With this new platform I should be able to update it more often now, as well.  Down the road I will work on getting my blogger/blogspot posts on here.