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Technical Hiccups

Apologies for the site being down the better part of a week.  I was upgrading my hosting service and something went very very wrong on their end.



I was trying to start Inktober but I feel I’ll end up playing a lot of catch up unless I can continue that tonight.  I have ideas but finding the time to put them on paper has been hard.  I had a couple sets in mind.  A few of them I want to color.

My original computer’s hard drive started to bite the big one.  I happened to have another PC from my internship.  I spent a number of days getting stuff on to a closed network and on to the other computer.  I have enough programs installed again or found that I am back in working order.

Outside of that I’m still waiting to hear back from a convention.  It’s its first year and I’ve been waiting on a notification for almost a month.  A friend of mine says it’s normal.

Here’s a survey I’m trying to get replies on.  I’m trying to gauge interest of products so I can plan a new table layout and get a good print count.

Otherwise I’m hoping to make some changes or add things soon.  I plan on using the new hosting plan to add a friend’s website, make my design portfolio its own domain, and get my mom’s jelly business on the web.

I’m also probably going to start the web comic again (after the hard drive gaffe).  There may also be a film and video game blog me and some friends are working on.  I have a few articles in the works.  We’re trying to get a stash of content built up first.

Last but not least I also made an Instagram!


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