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This Thursday is Thanksgiving and I’m super excited. I’m going to New York to see my dad’s side of the family for the first time in eleven years exactly. That said, the last time I saw them was Thanksgiving 1999 when I was eleven. Consider your mind BLOWN!

Awesome news in the art department! I got accepted in to Artist Alley at Ohayocon ’11. I still need to pay the table price so I’m taking commissions or donations which will win you an autographed postcard of your choice from my DeviantArt account. (link) I’m going to crank out a bunch of awesome stuff and touch up things from my early days. If you plan on going to Ohayocon, the last weekend of January at the Hyatt in Columbus, OH, I’ll see you there! The location is a little different from the previous years, I’m not sure where, though.

I also formed a Facebook page for Team Am-Fam (link). If me and my friends can get together and manage to collaborate on anything together it’ll be awesome. I also organized a Twitter account and linked the two. (link)

What was up with 11 in this entry?! :p