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The 2010s – A Retrospective

The 2010s are behind us. First, however…

A Conclusion to a Previous Post

Some of you may remember my ‘little’ rant a while back about an athletic wear company and their refusal to delete an account I never made. This one. Remember how my brother is actually a brand ambassador with them? Well, buckle in, folks!

I feel bad because I spent Christmas week in Pompano Beach, FL with my dad, my two brothers, and the oldest’s girlfriend (who is a colossal sweetheart!). Meanwhile all of my friends are in Silent Hill Columbus, OH. The first night we were getting pretty happy (drunk) while Dad put dinner together. We were talking about the events my brother does with the company, and I brought up that account thing. Well, the girlfriend looks over at my brother furiously as he starts laughing his butt off.

As it turns out, this entire time it was HIM who made the account without warning me beforehand! His GF and I yelled at him because I thought my data was stolen, and GF could tell it made me really upset. He was trying to recruit people for some sweepstakes. I told him if he only asked I would have said ‘yes’ and kept the account for a bit.

I was a rolling, whimpering, cosmo and ale in mess.

In the Beginning of the 2010s

2010 was my third year of college, and the second half of my first year at Ohio State. My late 2007 MacBook Pro, which is STILL alive (!), was starting to have some ugly hard drive issues. The inner scratch disk was failing, and that in and of itself is a fun story. I tried for Ohayocon AA the first time. My submission was waitlisted, but it was a start! I was still working with my Intuos and Photoshop CS3. Now I have Clip Studio and a Ugee monitor tablet.

I’m actually having a hard time remembering what the first piece of art of the decade was. It may have been this affront to watercolor technique:

Lake Night
Moonlit Bath

My wet media was bad all of the 2010s and before that. I am excite because a remake is in my planned future. I feel like I righted a lot of the watercolor specific wrongs with Sister Cats.

Sister Cats
Sister Cats

Not Art Stuff

I became a college grad in 2013, with my first internship turned job in 2015. So far I am focusing on web and graphic design professionally. The dream is to illustrate full time.

In the beginning of the 2010s my go to music player was iTunes, sometimes Pandora if I needed variety (or my MacBook Pro was dieing). Now it’s Spotify, or Spoofy as it is known in some circles. My most listened to artist was probably Utada Hikaru, Breaking Benjamin, or Evanescence. Now it’s… Heilung or something. My Spotify is so crazy varied. Heilung will play, then it’s a Coldrain song, then it’s Men at Work, and so on.

Good lord, YouTubers weren’t a thing in 2010. Either that or I had never heard of any yet. Most of YouTube was parodies and bootleg music. I still spend a lot of time on YouTube when I should probably be watching Netflix. My favorites are Game Grumps, John Wolfe, and a few others. I had a YouTube account before that, but I made it officially about speedpaints in 2011.

I wasn’t playing many games in 2010, not having the PS2 with me and owning a Mac. To be fair, I didn’t know Steam was a thing, or it wasn’t a thing yet. I have mine and my twin’s PS2 with me now, along with a plethora of games. In 2010 I was big into Zelda and Kingdom Hearts. I’m still keeping up with Zelda. However, I do want to play KH3 despite having not played anything that came out after 2. I have also sunk literal months of time into Minecraft.

As you can tell. Shader is SEUS. This was done in creative mode.

My dad also took me on my first cruise back in 2017. I flew for the first since like 1997 or something. Airports have changed a lot since I flew as a small child.

The Future

I feel bad because I spent most of the 2010s in an uncertain job situation. However, I understand it’s like that for a lot of people. My January 2020 goal is to find employment.

Right now I unfortunately am on the job hunt again. I filed for unemployment though my one roommate freaked out and told me to apply to a bunch of retail and warehouse places. Nothing against him, but I have a degree. I can’t risk missing an interview because I couldn’t get off a cashier shift. My current resume went up on Reddit/resumes and got the much needed tear apart I needed. I am going to have to remake my design portfolio website (after I literally just published it), because it’s behind the times aesthetic is killing it.

That being said, I am hoping to be productive with my free time. That is unless I find something right away by some miracle. There is a lot in my queue. I want to do some etudes, my dogs as people, more fish dresses, and my warm up comic. There’s also some continuation of existing work after spending some time away from them. I wish I could stream every upload, but I may also want to be in my room watching stuff privately. However, I may actually spend a couple days resting and cleaning or organizing. I am pretty tired and want some time to rejuvenate.