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Updates and updates

First, I want to share my condolences with anybody from France, and especially Paris, after the events of Friday.  I hope that you can stand tall and proud as recovery slowly begins.

On the creative front:

I’m trying to do at least one creative thing a day.  This could include doing some practice sketches or painting ideas, actual drawings or paintings, or writing.  I’m currently writing a novel version of Syrens so my friend and writer has something to work with based on my original vision and his feedback.

I’m also hoping to start a script or page layouts for the SWMaC stream of consciousness comic soon.  I don’t know if I’ll have much time for things till after Christmas.  I hope to start something early in 2016.  I do foresee at least one, or even two, recurring stories which may get reprinted as standalone things if there’s demand for it,

I’ve also finally gotten progress done on the commission.  The people and the foreground have a lot of detail, but the surrounding area is very sketchy.

I’m hoping to start my gaming channel again soon.  I’ve been having issues getting footage to work on my arthritic laptop (it does what it can).  However, my mom will be coming down for Thanksgiving and she should be bringing my desktop down to me.  There’s an issue of wi-fi or similar way of getting a connection, though.  I think I can connect two together and string them very carefully with command hooks to the third floor.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get in another post before Thanksgiving.  So, I hope it’s alright to wish everyone an early Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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